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Best things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia may not be as picturesque and exciting as other Asian cities such as Shanghai and Beijing but it remains one of the best places to visit. Kuala Lumpur is slowly emerging as one of Asia’s top tourist destinations, often described by frequent visitors as a laid back city with many hidden gems and wonderful people with great hospitality. Kuala Lumpur has many wonderful sites such as the famous Petronas Towers, the Sacred Batu Caves and Aquaria KLCC.

  • Petronas Towers

    The Petronas towers are twin skyscrapers located in Kuala Lumpur and are one of the major landmarks of Malaysia. The towers are the tallest twin towers in the world, designed by architect Cesar Pelli they have a postmodern Islamic architectural style and are linked by a sky bridge. The 88-floor towers are one of the most visited sites in the city and visitors are required to purchase a ticket to gain access to the buildings.

    Petronas Towers Skip-the-Line Ticket

  • Batu Caves

    One must visit place of Kuala Lumpur is the Batu Caves, the caves gets its name from the Sungai Batu also known as the Stone River. Incorporated in the hill is a 100-year-old temple regarded as one of the most popular shrines outside India. The sacred cave is the location for the festival of Thaipusam, a Hindu festival that happens yearly. When visiting the Batu Caves you can also engage in Mountain Climbing and take a look at its fauna and flora. One significant thing you would notice at the cave's entrance is a 140ft (42.67 meters) high statue of Murugan, a Hindu deity.

    Batu Caves Private Tour

  • Aquaria KLCC

    The Aquaria KLCC is the largest oceanarium in Malaysia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia, located beneath the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center the oceanarium was opened in August 2005 and features over 250 different species represented by 5,000 land and aquatic animals. The main attraction of the Aquaria KLCC is its 90 m walkthrough tunnel with a moving travellator, it gives visitors a chance to have a mimicked experience of being under the ocean. With the right permits you might be able to dive with sharks as well.

    Aquaria KLCC Entrance E-Ticket

  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building

    Located in front of the Independence Square is the Sultan Abdul Samad building, it is one of the most important buildings in the history of Malaysia. Initially called the Government offices it housed the offices of the British colonial administration before it was changed to its current name. Designed by A.C. Norman the building is now use as the offices of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Ministry of Communications and Multimedia in Malaysia.

  • Zoo Negara

    The Zoo Negara is the national zoo of Malaysia and it is a must visit for wildlife lovers. Opened on the 14 of November 1963 the zoo covers an area of 110 acres and features 476 species culminating to about 5,137 animals. The museum has several exhibitions separated into different parts such as the Reptile park, Monkey/lesser Apes, Lake birds and children's world.

    Tour to Taman Negara

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Best things to do in Langkawi

Things to do in Langkawi - Malaysia

Located in Kedah state, Langkawi is the main tourist attraction in Malaysia having three of its pristine beaches (Datai Bay, Pantai Cenang, and Tanjung Rhu) amongst the best in the world. It is an archipelago containing 99 islands in the Adaman Sea. Langkawi is specifically significant for its exotic beaches but is also known for excellent diving opportunities, historical attractions, thrilling nightlife and affordable shopping. It offers a lifetime experience of extensive Underwater World along with Pantai Cenang and sky-high Cable Car in Pantai Kok. Langkawi airport is connected to many points in Malaysia and the most efficient way to get to Langkawi is by getting a flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Langkawi Airport which takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. You can also hitch a ride on ferries which frequently operate between Kuala Perlis and Langkawi Island however, timing may vary depending upon the tide time and seasonal demands. Passenger cruise ships also make regular visits to Langkawi. Whether it be a break from life, a vacation with friends or your honeymoon, Langkawi has something for you. From exotic beaches, pristine lands, luxuriant cities to dense jungles the city offers it all.

  • Eagle Square (Dataran Lang)

    Dataran Lang, also famous as Eagle Square, is a remarkable 12-meter-tall sculpture of an Eagle and is located near the port where ferries sail in and out. The reddish-brown eagle is the symbolic representation of the island as, according to people, Langkawi’s name originates from two Malay words, Helang meaning “eagle” and Kawi meaning “reddish brown.” The Eagle Square expands along 19 acres and has vast variety of covered terraces, fountains, ponds, footbridges, shops and cafes. Eagle square provides a breathtaking view of the Kuah bay that opens out to the sea and the surrounding mountains.

  • Langkawi Cable Car

    One of the major attractions in Langkawi is Langkawi cable car commonly known as Langkawi SkyCab. The Cable Car takes visitors all the way up to Mount Mat Cincang and its entrance is Langkawi’s second highest peak which is situated in The Oriental Village in the northwest of Langkawi Island. The cable car stops at several points before reaching the top station.

    Sky Bridge and Cable Car Tour

  • Underwater World Langkawi

    At the southern end of Pantai Cenang is the Langkawi Underwater World which spreads across nearly 60,000 square feet area. With more than 400 thousand marine creatures including over 500 species of fish and many other underwater species, it is the largest aquarium of Malaysia.

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  • Langkawi Sky Bridge

    The 125 m long Langkawi Sky Bridge with the capacity to accommodate 250 people at a time offers one of the best views of the city but if you have a height phobia the view might be terrifying for you as the bridge is 700 m above the sea level. 

    Sky Bridge Admission Ticket

  • Langkawi Wildlife Park

    Langkawi wildlife park, which was opened for public in 2002, is located in Kilim, an area in Langkawi. It has about 150 different types of animals and birds from different areas of the world. You can even have a feeding session with different birds and animals in this park.

    Kilim River Kayaking Tour

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