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Best things to do in Rabat

Things to do in Rabat - Morocco

Perched on the opening where river Bou Regreg meets the Atlantic Ocean, is Rabat, the city which was declared capital of Morocco back in 1912. You might not include Rabat as a top tourist destination but there is a reason why CNN rank it second in "Top Travel Destinations of 2013" list.

If you love historical places then you’ll definitely be awed by the Chellah, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Rabat and if you are lucky you might get to attend the vibrant Chellah Jazz Festival, this medieval era complex hosts. Don’t pass up a visit to the Hassan Tower, which was supposed to be the biggest minaret in the world together with a mosque but unfortunately the construction of both was never completed, however, it became a significant historical site in Rabat and is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Make your trip memorable and buy the famous Rabati Rug from the old town, known as Medina of Rabat.

Rabat has an airport but international flights to this airport are limited so the best way to get to the city is to take a flight to Casablanca and then get by train to Rabat. You can get around the city effortlessly and comfortably through its well-maintained public transport known as Rabat tramway.

  • Hassan Tower

    In 1195 Yaqub al-Mansour, the then Caliph of Rabat, ordered the construction of Hassan Tower together with a mosque with the intention to make both the biggest minaret and mosque of the world but sadly, after his demise the project was abandoned, however the tower (that was completed during Yaqub’s life) became an important historical site and was given the status of UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012.

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  • Chellah

    Whether you are interested in exploring an amazing historical site or want to attend super fun and vibrant festivals you get to do both in Chellah. The history of this complex dates back to Phoenicians and Romans era. You can explore the ruins of Chellah any time of the year, but if you want to attend Chellah Jazz Festival do check the dates as it is held only once every year. The festival includes excellent performances from both international and local singers. What’s more, these ruins also host Mawazine Music Festival.

  • Plage des Nations

    Out of several beaches in Rabat, Plage des Nations is the most popular among locals and expats. If you are looking for something adventurous, look no further than this beach as it offers a challenging surfing spot with high current waves. However, if you are not a surfer but an average swimmer, you might want to stay away from its serious currents.

  • Complexe des Oulja

    Art and craft lovers will definitely find the Complexe des Oulja as the best destination in Rabat. You won’t be able to resist buying the colorful and absolute beautiful variety of pottery this complex offers which includes stunning vases, colorful plates, dishes and much more. The best part is that ‘Make to Order service’ is also available so you can get customized designs as well.

  • Modern and Contemporary Art Museum

    Opened in 2014, this art museum boasts its magnificent building along with a vast variety of artwork and is one of the best and must visit museums in Morocco. With the absolutely stunning artworks of about 200 Moroccan and many international artists, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum houses some very fine paintings.

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Best things to do in Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech - Morocco

Marrakech is one of Morocco’s wonderful cities, not as popular as Casablanca, Fes, or Rabat, but still a great place to explore. It is Morocco’s fourth largest city and has much history attached to it which can be seen from its various landmarks found round the city.

Regarded as one of the great citadels of the Muslim world, it plays a major role in the economy of the nation, having its largest market. A typical visit of Marrakech will take you through the Saadians Tombs, Atlas Mountains and its famous Souks.

  • Saadian Tombs

    The Saadian Tombs are the burial sites of royal family and other prominent members of the Saadian Dynasty. The site which contains over 66 tombs was started by Sultan al-Ghalib Abdullah who constructed the first tomb for the remains of his late Father Mohammed Ask-Sheik the founder of the Saadian Empire. The Royal Graveyard was chosen due to its proximity to the Kabah Mosque and it contains several mausoleums and a garden. After the fall of the Saadi dynasty, the tombs were abandoned until recent times when it was renovated by the Moroccan government.

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  • Koutoubia Mosque

    Located in the Southwest medina quarter of Marrakech, the Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco. The name Koutoubia Mosque when translated means the Bookseller mosque because where the museum stands right now was not far from a book selling market, which had over a hundred book vendors. The Koutoubia Mosque has been around since the 11th century and in fact it was two mosques, with the second mosque built to substitute the first one.

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  • Atlas Mountains

    Arguably the most famous mountains in Africa. The Atlas Mountains spreads through three countries in Northern Africa namely Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The mountains located in the Maghreb region has its highest peak at 4,167 meters and covers an area of 2,500 km. The mountains are usually good hiking spots for outdoor enthusiasts but usually most tourists decide not to go to the top of the mountain but rather stay around the neighboring villages visiting other side attractions and socializing with locals.

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  • Visit a Hammam

    Visiting a Hammam should be on everyone's list touring Marrakech. A Hammam is a public bath system created by the Roman empire over 2000 years ago and has been incorporated into Moroccan culture. The Moroccan Hammam consists of various rooms each carefully designed to give the perfect relaxation experience. The rooms of the Moroccan Hammam are separated based on gender mainly due to religious beliefs.

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  • Marrakech Souks

    The word souk is basically a traditional way of saying market. The Souks of Marrakech are the largest in Morocco and are known round Africa as the number one stop in Morocco to buy almost anything. Probably the busiest location in the city, they are divided into different parts based on the items, so when exploring you would see the Souk Smata, Souk Haddadine, Souk Semmarine among many others.

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