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Best things to do in Doha

Things to do in Doha - Qatar

Qatar is one of the fastest rising countries currently, and they have invested heavily in tourism. Doha, the nation’s capital is a mega city with over 1.5 million people and has nationalities from all over the world.

For a country as invested in tourism as Qatar there is a lot to do in its capital from desert safaris to visiting islands and cultural centers.

  • The Pearl

    The Pearl is a man-made island said to be for the elites of Qatar. Nicknamed the “Arabian Riviera” it spans over 4 square kilometers. The pearl gets its name from the location which it is sited on, it was previously a pearl mining site. When on The Pearl tourist can tour around the island, it is like an entire different city.

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  • Doha Desert Safari

    One of the top thing for tourists to do when visiting Doha is to go on a desert safari. Usually tourists are picked up in an automobile (mostly SUVs) then taken to the desert when they maneuver through the desert sands aided by experienced desert drivers. After engaging in some dune bashing there is an Inland sea for relaxation.

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  • Doha Fort

    Also known as Al Koot Fort, the Doha fort is a place of great history for the people of Qatar. Built in 1927 by Sheik Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, it was built to serve as a police station in 1880, then later used as a jail in 1906. The fort has now been converted to a museum where oil paintings, old fishing equipment and wooden ornaments are exhibited. The museum gives visitors insight on Qatar’s history.

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  • Katara Cultural Village

    Located in between the Pearl and west bay, it was built to celebrate Qatari heritage as well as culture from other nations. Also known as “the Valley of Cultures” it is the number one place in the capital for music, literature, conventions and exhibitions.

    The cultural village has played host to major events such as TEDxDoha and Doha Tribeca Film Festival.

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  • Museum of Islamic Art

    Established on 22 November 2008 the museum was designed by the famous I.M. Pei; the architect is also responsible for the Louvre Pyramid. The Museum of Islamic Art represents and symbolizes the history of Qatar, the museum has an exquisite interior to match the magnificent exterior. If you are a lover of arts and interested in prehistoric artifacts, then a visit to the museum would do you good.

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  • Aspire tower

    Doha is known for its high buildings but amongst all, one building comes fondly to the minds of every Qatari and that is the Aspire Tower. This architectural masterpiece is the tallest building in Qatar, with a length of about 300 meters high.

    Designed by Architect Hadi Siman, the views from the top of the building nothing short of breath-taking. If the tower seems familiar, it is because it was used as the symbol of the 15th Asian Games hosted by Qatar in 2006.

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