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Best things to do in Singapore

Things to do in Singapore - Singapore

Located in Southeast Asia, between the Indian Ocean and South Sea, Singapore is a city-state and an island country. Its feature of being a country, a city and an Island makes it unique in the world. The name Singapore translates to “Lion City” and with plants all around the country/city it is famously known as “Garden City.” It consists of the Singapore Island/Singapore, the main Island which is also commonly known as Pulau Ujong, and around 54 other small islands. This fascinating city which was once a British Colony is today a wealthy and developed country and a global financial and education center. The city is also known for its quality health care system and technology. With amazing attractions, impressive restaurants and exciting activities, it is a fine place to visit. The famous Merilon is a significant landmark and is often considered as a national symbol of Singapore. The hidden gem of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, is a must visit nature park in Singapore and the mammoth Singapore flyer is surely a sight to behold. Moreover, Singapore has some really nice beaches.

  • Marina Bay Sands

    The famous Marina Bay of Singapore has many attractions and is a focal point of any visit to Singapore. It includes a luxury hotel, a museum known as ArtScience Museum, a Mall flanked by a canal and the popular Marina Bay Sands Skypark, which offers you a chance to get the best views of city including the view of beautiful Gardens by the Bay. The Marina Bay also conducts an interesting light show which highlights important landmarks of the city.

    Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

  • ArtScience Museum

    Located at the popular tourist destination the Marina Bay, the ArtScience Museum of the Singapore is famous for its unique lotus flower shaped building. Although the architecture of the museum attracts many people but its collection is also worth the visit. Opened in 2011, it is the first ArtScience museum in the world.

  • Gardens by the Bay

    The beautiful Gardens by the Bay is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Its greenery which includes different types of plants and trees and beautiful colorful flowers give the garden a charm one can’t resist. It has an area called Cloud Forest Dome where the tallest indoor waterfall in the world is located. What’s more, the architecture of the garden itself is a sight to behold.

    National Garden DayTour

  • Botanic Gardens

    The 160 years old Botanic Gardens in Singapore is the hidden gem of the city. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the only one of its kind (Botanic garden) on the list. With the collection of around 1000 species and colorful orchids, the National Orchid Garden is the main attraction. The Botanic Gardens also has a rainforest.

    National Orchid Garden Admission

  • Singapore Flyer

    Located at the Downtown Core, the Singapore Flyer is a giant wheel with 28 capsules. Opened in 2008, the Singapore Flyer offers some breathtaking and beautiful views of the city including the views of Marina bay and Singapore River.

    Singapore Flyer Ride

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