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Best things to do in Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm - Sweden

Spanning no fewer than fourteen islands, Stockholm is less of a city and more of an archipelago where quintessentially Scandinavian pine forests and peaceful brackish lagoons meet stylish boutiques and gilded palaces. The city is centered on the island of Gamla Stan, the city’s medieval core of colorful buildings, cobbled lanes and age-old sailors’ taverns all dominated by the monolithic Royal Palace. While Gamla Stan may feel like a step back in time, Stockholm is a thrillingly modern city that is constantly innovating. South of Gamla Stan, the island of Södermalm is one of Europe’s coolest neighborhoods with a host of eclectic eateries and bars alongside one of the continent’s most reputable photography museums, the Fotografiska. Beyond the city, Stockholm quickly dissolves into a myriad of small islands, which makes the city a perfect combination of metropolitan buzz and unspoiled natural beauty.

  • The Royal Palace

    The Royal palace remains one of the biggest palaces in all of Europe. One fact about this Palace is that the site where it stands didn't originally have the palace built there. Different structures had already stood at this spot before the palace was finally erected. There is still royalty living in this palace and you might just catch a glimpse of one on your tour.

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  • Stockholm City Hall

    Towering into the sky, the Stockholm City Hall stands about 100 meters tall with three crowns on its towers. The beautiful architectural structure was designed by Ragnar Östberg and built with 8 million bricks. Today, many tourists make it a point of duty to visit the hall just to gaze at the grand structure.

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  • Vasa Museum

    Don't be surprised that the museum is not actually a building. It is a ship that was built in the 1600s by the Swede as a war machine which also doubles as an object to show off the Swede wealth. A tour of the Vasa will expose you to the interiors of the ship where you would see exhibits and artifacts from the time when the ship was built.

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  • Skansen

    Of the many interesting things you would find in Skansen, one major site is the Skansen open-air museum. A rural community was actually converted to this open-air museum that we see today. The museum is filled with many cultural and traditional exhibitions and is one of the most visited places in all of Stockholm.

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  • Djurgården

    Welcome to the home of many tourist attraction sites, Djurgården. More than a million tourists visit the island every year to have a relaxing time. When you are not visiting the Abba Museum, you could enjoy the sights that the Skansen open air museum has to offer. Similarly, there is the Vasa Museum to go check out as well. There is no shortage of exciting activities to engage in at Djurgården.

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  • Drottningholm Palace

    The Drottningholm Palace is the residence of the present Royal family of the Swede. It was built in the 1600 and has served as home to generations of the royal family. Due to the vast amount of history that this palace holds, it is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Centers. The palace attracts many tourists every year, and if you are in luck, you just might catch a glimpse of the royal family.

  • ABBA The Museum

    This is the first ever ABBA museum in the world. It has not been open to the public yet but it already has a half million tourists and ABBA fans visiting it from all over the world yearly. The museum sits on about 4000 square meters of land, and it will contain everything from the iconic group in Sweden.

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  • Nobel Museum

    The prestigious Nobel Prize is an award that is given to individuals that have impacted the world in one way or the other. Since its inception in 1901, there have been more than 900 recipients of the prize but the Nobel Museum was not built until 2001. The museum houses the history and story of the winners of the prize up till date.

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  • Wildlife Safari

    Take a tour to this part of Stockholm to see Sweden's wildlife. The forest contains animals like the moose and the reindeer among others. Apart from the animals, the natural atmosphere of the whole place is intoxicating and relaxing simultaneously. Be in tune with nature and relax.

    Wildlife Safari

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Best things to do in Gothenburg

Things to do in Gothenburg - Sweden

Like many second-cities, Gothenburg has a laid back charm and a sense of understated cool that sets it apart from its eastern neighbor Stockholm. The city’s compact old town is laced with a myriad of cobbled lanes and 17th century canals while antique trams rattle along the picturesque streets. While the city lacks blockbuster attractions, it more than makes up for this with its relaxing atmosphere: the half-timbered Haga neighborhood is filled with aging hippies; locals relax in sun-drenched canal side parks in summer; and fika – Sweden’s national obsession – is beloved my Gothenburgers. What is more, the city is the perfect gateway to the Gothenburg Archipelago, a plethora of wooded islands that stretch from just west of the city center to the North Sea.

  • Liseberg

    In all of Sweden, Liseberg remains one of the tourist attraction sites that draws the highest number of tourists every single year. Liseberg has beautiful sights and remarkable sites in abundance. Of these, there is the amusement park that attracts about 3 million people yearly, musical concerts that features great performances and an inexhaustible list of nice restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicacies from all over the world.

  • Universeum

    The Universeum Science Museum is very popular among kids for many reasons, it features a humid rainforest and a number of tropical birds, complete with different beautiful species of butterflies. The museum also has many colorful snakes safely kept away in glasses and many other fun sights that make kids love the place. A tour of Gothenburg is never complete without bringing your kids here to have some fun.

  • Haga

    Haga is one of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Sweden. That is why you might find structures that are pretty ancient scattered around. This location is filled with pieces of evidence of a very long history, one of which is the Skansen Kronan. Generally, Haga is a nice place to be as there are a number of great restaurants and interesting activities to partake in.

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  • Gothenburg Museum of Art

    The Gothenburg Museum of Art is one of the most popular museums in all of Sweden. This museum has exhibits of artworks made by artists that revolutionized the art world including Rembrandt, Edvard Munch, Rubens, Anders  Zorn, Carl Larssonz, and some other notable few. The Gothenburg Museum of Art snagged the Museum of the Year in 2018. A tour of this museum gives you an opportunity to drink in the beautiful art.

  • Gothenburg Archipelago

    A tour around the Gothenburg Archipelago is one filled with many surprises. It is best described as many beautiful attraction sites all locked up in a single location. What's more, you could take this tour by either road or boat. Beautiful sights await you with the Gothenburg Archipelago being touted as one of the most exquisite sites in Sweden.

  • Trädgårdsföreningen

    Trädgårdsföreningen is a park that was built in 1942 and it has since then become a haven for relaxation. In recent times, there have been new additions to the park, such as the palm house which is essentially a palace of crystals and the rose gardens. The rose gardens are quite a sight to take in with the scent guaranteed to make you heady. This horticulture park plays host to many tourists every single day.

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Best things to do in Malmo

Things to do in Malmo - Sweden

Situated at the Swedish end of the vast Öresund Bridge, which connects the city directly to Copenhagen, Malmo is for most travelers a gateway to Sweden. While most pass onward through the country’s third largest city to Stockholm and Gothenburg, those that linger long enough find a stylish city packed with hidden gems. Malmo is centered on the picture-perfect Gamla Staden, a Germanic old town peppered with spectacular Hanseatic architecture and Lutheran church spires all connected via a ramshackle assortment of cobbled lanes. Beyond the old town, Malmo is Sweden’s grittiest city – a portside metropolis home to more than 150 different nationalities. This vibrancy is best experienced in the Möllenvångstorget district, which combines cutting-edge art with exotic neighborhood eateries.

  • Malmö Castle

    This ancient castle was built centuries ago and today, it serves as a tourist attraction site. The Malmo Castle is known for its elegance and the charm it exudes thanks to its exquisite beauty. The castle contains a number of furnished star rooms, an old Bible that was once owned by the Danish King and many more exhibits of historical importance.

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  • St. Peter's Church

    When this church was first erected in the 14th century, it was one of the first in the entire city of  Malmo. And as at the time, it was probably the most beautiful building in the city. Tours around the church will lead you to see the great architectural prowess of the designer both on the outside and the inside. The church also has many Bible-themed statues that make it a nice spot for some exploring.

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  • Kungsparken

    The park in Kungsparken is gorgeous and attract tourists and locals alike who love to take out time for some relaxation. The park is filled with many relaxation spots and beautified by the nicely groomed lawns and various gardens. On your tour, this is one site that you should definitely not hesitate to check out.

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  • Technology and Maritime Museum

    The name of the museum easily describes just what it is all about. Technology and Maritime Museum features most of the mind-blowing technological breakthroughs that man has had over time. Starting from the horse chariots to car engines then to jet engines and finally to the little microchips. The museum contains some technical instruments used in the second world war as well. A tour of the Technology and Maritime Museum will help you appreciate just how far man has come and offers you an insight into some future tech as well.

  • Öresund Bridge

    The Öresund Bridge remains the longest bridge in all of Europe, spanning 8 kilometers, it was designed and built to be a functional one yet it presents a fascinating sight. The bridge connects Sweden to her close-by neighbor, Denmark. A close look at the bridge makes obvious the fact that many resources went into making it this great.

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