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Things to do in Yaoundé - Cameroon

Intricately distributed over 7 hills Yaoundé is the second most populous city Cameroon but the most vibrant. It features a host of key locations for Cameroon like the Musée d’Art Camerounais, Mvog - Betsi Zoo and La Sintra to mention a few. What makes this city so special is the way it has maintained it ancestral root and blended it with the modern world theme. A nice tourist location to visit to experience the warm hospitality of the Cameroonians.

  • Musée d’Art Camerounais

    Located at the Benedictine monastery on Mt Fébé, just north of Yaoundé City Center is the Musée d’Art Camerounais. The museum is a great place to learn about the vast culture of Cameroonians, in each of its three exhibition rooms, there are collections of archaic looking masks, bronze sculptures and pottery. In the museum premises there is also a souvenir shop for anyone interested in getting a replica of the artworks seen in the exhibition rooms.

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  • Mvog - Betsi Zoo

    Many African countries are known for their wildlife and Cameroon is no different. Set-up by the British non-profit Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, the Mvog-Betsi Zoo is a chance to see how animals you won’t see on a normal day interact in their natural habitat, animals like hyenas, gorillas and chimps. It features some endangered species of Cameroon, so if you are interested in the Wildlife this is an awesome stop.

  • Mfoundi Market

    Many consider this an avenue to see the Cameroonian culture in is raw form. It is always a nice idea to take a stroll through Mfoundi market. The market is the largest in the capital and many things are sold ranging from food, clothing and even artworks. Get into the market, discuss with the vendors and if you might feel like buying a few things to take home.

  • The Blackitude Museum

    The Blackitude is a private collection of the Cameroonian heritage preserved by a member of the Royal Family. Opened in 2000, it shows many parts of ancient Cameroun with rooms reconstructed to show the royal chambers and palace of old Cameroonian Chiefs. It also features some musical instruments and art objects. Although not one of the most intriguing places to visit, you will definitely learn a lot.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral/Paroisse de Ndzong Church

    Visit one of the religious centers in Yaoundé on any of the Sundays because there isn’t much to do on Sunday mornings. You can visit the Notre Dame Cathedral whose Building was consecrated in 1995 but if you seek a more traditional feel then visit the Paroisse de Ndzong church.

  • Le Sintra

    At the start of every tour is always nice to get a taste of the local cuisine and the same applies when touring Yaoundé. Le Sintra is clearly the most popular restaurant in Cameroon, serving local dishes as well as French, Italian and English delicacies. It is a haven for food lovers and has a wonderful terrace you can sit and watch as the rest of the city continue in their hustle and bustle.

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