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Top Attractions Around the World

The top 15 best tourist attractions in the world based on traveler interest.

Grand Canyon: The world’s most iconic natural wonder

No matter how much you have read about it, how many documentaries you have watched about it or how many photographs you have seen of it, the sheer vastness of the Grand Canyon always leaves first time visitors speechless. Designated as one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the canyon is undoubtedly America’s star attraction.

Giza Pyramids: The ancient world come to life

The only remaining ancient wonder of the world, the Pyramids of Giza are one of the planet’s most enigmatic attractions. Towering out of the sand just west of Cairo, they stand as a jaw-dropping testament to the culture, politics and wealth of Ancient Egypt.

Alhambra: The finest Islamic architecture in Europe

Perched on a rocky outcrop against a backdrop of snow-capped Sierra Nevada peaks, the Alhambra is Spain’s foremost example of Moorish architecture. Despite historical neglect (and more than a few attempts to destroy the palace entirely), what remains today is simply perfection.

The Great Wall of China: The world’s greatest engineering feat

Rising in the arid deserts of Xinjiang and twisting and turning for thousands of miles until it reaches the Bohai Sea at Laolongtou, China’s Great Wall is a master-class in engineering. Today, the wall remains at its most imposing in the undulating hills north of Beijing.

Iguazú Falls: South America’s biggest water-show

Straddling the Argentine-Brazil border, and not far from Paraguay either, the Iguazú Falls showcase the raw power of the natural world. Extending for more than three kilometres along a precipitous horseshoe of cliffs, the waterfalls can be explored with the help of adrenaline-pumping boardwalks.

Karlštejn Castle: A fairytale come to life

Perched on a rocky precipice in the Bohemian countryside, Karlštejn Castle appears torn straight from the pages of a Grimm Brother’s fairytale. With a history dating back to the 1300s, the castle has been immaculately restored in recent decades and now looks as resplendent as it would have in the days of Charles IV.

Sardinia’s Hidden Beaches: White sand and turquoise waters - bellissima

While the beaches of Italy’s mainland throng with tourists all summer long, those in the island paradise of Sardinia remain refreshingly unspoilt. Often likened to those of the Caribbean, Sardinia’s beaches are some of Europe’s best with miles of white sand, crystal clear water and a thrilling sense of remoteness.

Taj Mahal: The most beautiful building in the world?

Built during the 17th century by Shah Jahan as a mausoleum for his third wife, the Taj Mahal gracefully rises from the urban sprawl of modern-day Agra virtually unchanged since its inception. Even in India, a country overflowing with unforgettable attractions, the Taj Mahal stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Great Barrier Reef: An underwater dreamland

Stretching nearly 2000 kilometres down the coast of western Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most colourful eco-system. Despite the threat of climate change, thousands of psychedelic coral species and a dazzling array of tropical fish still call the reef system home – it is simply unforgettable.

Plitvice Lakes: Europe’s answer to the rainforest

The Dinaric Alps, which rise sharply from the arid Dalmatian coastline, conceal Europe’s equivalent of the rainforest: Plitvice Lakes. In total 16 crystalline lakes are interlinked by literally thousands of waterfalls of varying sizes, which are explored by walkways that seem to float atop the water’s surface.

Hermitage Museum: A beguiling mix of Tsarist history and world-class art

Housed in what was once the Russian Tsar’s Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum is simply jaw dropping. With over three million items in its collections spread over nearly 400 vast former-banqueting halls, the Hermitage has something to fascinate any visitor.

Kruger National Park: The Africa you have dreamed of

Kruger National Park is the world’s premier wildlife watching destination. Home to all of Africa’s iconic safari species, including a full suite of predators, the park encompasses tropical forests, precipitous mountains and classic savannah landscapes ensuring that a Kruger safari is unforgettable.

Machu Picchu: The jewel in South America’s crown

Never discovered by the Spanish conquistadors and forgotten until the turn of the 20th century, Machu Picchu is undoubtedly Peru’s premier attraction. Perched atop cliffs and seemingly defying gravity, the ancient city is testament to the skill of Inca architects and remains awe-inspiring to this day.

Acropolis: The cradle of Western civilisation

Rising out of the unplanned urban jungle of modern Athens is the Acropolis, which is crowned by the iconic Parthenon. Still clad in gleaming white marble to this day, the ancient structures atop the Acropolis are a reminder of the greatness of Ancient Greek civilisation.

Petra: A long-forgotten ancient wonder

One of the world’s more enigmatic ancient attractions, the city of Petra is half obscured by the shifting sands of the Jordanian deserts and for that reason went unknown until the 19th century. Today, a visit to Petra is a revealing glimpse into a little-known ancient civilisation and offers a taste of modern Bedouin culture.