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Things to do in Conakry - Guinea

Conakry is the economic and commercial capital of Guinea. A vibrant west African city located on the island of Tumbo and connected to the Kaloum peninsula by a 300 m long pier.

With over 2 million people living in the nation’s capital it a very busy city and might be quite overwhelming for visitors. The habitants are of mixed religious backgrounds but are mostly Muslims so expect to see a lot of mosques, however there are other attractions in the city such as the National museum of Guinea, Madina market and Iles des Los.

  • National Museum of Guinea

    For a brief insight into the cultural history of Guinea visit the National Museum of Guinea. Established in 1960, the museum holds a nice collection of wooden statues, fabrics, masks, musical instruments and fishing. When compared to other museums it is not the largest, it has also lost some of it prized items due to theft. The courtyard of the museum is one of its best features, it is littered with sculptures of prominent historical figures of Guinea like Almamy Samori Ture, Doctor Victor le Moal and Monseigneur Raymong Rene Lerouge.

  • Iles De Los

    For some calmness and serenity, then take a trip to Iles De Los (Los island). The group of islands are now one of Guinea most prized tourist sites and are located on the Southern side of the Sangareya Bay. The three main islands include Tamara which used to have a prison, Roume and Kassa. Tourists visiting can enjoy the beach and also have a taste of the local cuisines from restaurants around.

  • Madina Market

    Probably one of the busiest markets in West Africa, the Madina market is for visitors and locals alike seeking to buy whatever they desire. The Market is stocked with different items for purchase such as electronics, groceries, clothes, shoes and artifacts. The market is also famous for being the location for the Guinea Market Women’s Revolt in 1977 which sparked a change in the country’s economic history.

  • Grand Mosque of Conakry

    Located east of the Conakry Botanical garden is the Grand Mosque of Conakry, established in 1982 under the first president of Guinea, Ahmed Sékou Touré, with funding from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. The mosque has a capacity of 1250 people. 10000 places on the upper level for men, 2500 for women and another 12500 in the mosque large esplanade. It is the largest in Sub-Sahara Africa and the fourth largest mosque in Africa. The Mosque gardens contains tombs of key Guinean figures like Sekou Toure, Samori Ture and Alfa Yaya.

  • Guinean Cuisines

    Deeply influence by the French the Guinean delicacies are one of the pleasures of visiting the nation. Traditional Guinean Cuisines include fou fou, boiled mango, pumpkin pie, poule and konkoe can be found in any restaurant in Conakry. But note that other international cuisines can also be found in the capital as well, visit Avenue and Yi Xiang Yuan for international delicacies.

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