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Things to do in Tegucigalpa - Honduras

Honduras is another of central America wonderful countries boasting of a diverse range of culture, it's capital and largest city is Tegucigalpa with a population over 1.5 million.

Popularly called “Tegus” by locals, it is where everything happens in Honduras, normally people visit for it lovely weather, fascinating culture and the fact that it is not the most expensive of cities to visit.

Some of its top attractions include La Tigra National park, Christ at El Picacho, Basilica de Suyapa (Our Lady of Suyapa) and Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla.

  • Christ at El Picacho

    With a striking similarity to the popular the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil, the Christ at El Picacho is Honduras most famous monument. Located on the Hill Pacacho the statue stands at a height of 4,353 feet (1,326 m) above sea level and was designed by Luciano Duron to depict the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is included among the 30 wonders of Honduras.

  • Basilica de Suyapa (Our Lady of Suyapa)

    The Basilica de Suyapa is the most sacred place in Tegucigalpa and it has a lovely neo-Gothic architectural style. The most important detail of the Basilica is that it contains an 18th century cedar wood statue of the Virgin of Suyapa also known as “Our Lady of Suyapa”. The 2.3 inches (5.84 centimeters) tall statue is often toured around the nation and also visited by thousands of people from other countries most especially on the 3rd of February the day it was found.

  • Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla

    Art performances have always been imbibed in the culture of Honduras, and as usual with most countries it got to prominence in its capital city, most importantly to note is that the establishing of the Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla was facilitated by a group of Honduran artists. The theater has renaissance architectural style inspired by the Athens Theater of Paris. It is a lovely place to witness live performances of music, dance and drama.

  • Museum for National Identity

    The Museum for National Identity is for lovers of history, the museum is dedicated to the acquisition and preservation of any material relating to the nation of Honduras. Established in 2006 the museum is situated in the Old Palace of Ministries – one of the country’s oldest buildings, its exhibitions are divided in four separate rooms each themed to different eras of Honduras’s history. Its most interesting exhibit is the “Virtual Copán” room, which illustrates the history of Honduran gods and kings.

  • La Tigra National Park

    This is the perfect place for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. Known as the first national park in Honduras, the La Tigra National Park was established on 1 January 1980 and it covers an area of 238.21 square kilometers. It is located about 20 km away from Tegucigalpa, the park was set up by the Honduran government for the preservation and conservation of the hydrologic potential of the area. It has many interesting activities including 8 hiking trails, flora and fauna attractions and even a museum.

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