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Things to do in Langjökull Glacier - Iceland

Nestled between the Hallmundarhraun lava field and Kjölur, Langjökull Glacier is one of Iceland’s most iconic landscapes. Covering a vast 950 square kilometers, the glacier is western Iceland’s premier attraction – especially as you can now go inside it. While a number of glaciers across Iceland can be accessed via specialized vehicles that take visitors on top of them, only at Langjökull can visitors tour the ice field’s interior. A series of tunnels allow visitors to walk through nearly a kilometer of glacier and at its deepest point have around 30 meters of snow and ice above and 300 meters below. While the glacier can also be viewed from nearby country roads that skirt its edges, only by touring the tunnels can visitors get a sense of its immense scale.

  • Glacier Snowmobiling

    The vast scale of Langjökull Glacier means thrilling snowmobile tours are the best way to see the area’s many natural wonders. Expert glacier tour guides help you get to grips with riding a snowmobile before you set off to explore ice-filled volcanic craters, imposing volcanoes and catch breathtaking glimpses of the nearby mountains of Eiriksjökull and Kerlingafjöll.

    Glacier Snowmobiling Tour

  • Langjökull Glacier Ice Cave

    To get inside the Langjökull Glacier, head to the ice cave where Iceland’s top engineers and geophysicists have bored a tunnel deep inside the immense body of ice. Surrounded by ice that once fell as snow many thousands of years ago, you will learn about the scientific uses of the tunnels and the harrowing effects climate breakdown is having on Iceland’s environment.

    Langjökull Glacier Ice Cave Tour

  • River Rafting

    Running off the mighty Langjökull Glacier is the raging Hvitá River, which is one of Iceland’s premier destinations for river rafting. Blending the awe-inspiring beauty of the Icelandic landscape with adrenaline pumping fun, the river rafting experience is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience.

    River Rafting Adventure on Hvítá River

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