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Things to do in Galway - Ireland

Perched on the River Corrib with Lough Corrib on its one side and Galway Bay on the other, Galway is nothing if not fascinating and charming. The city is often referred as the "City of the Tribes" due to the fact that it was led by 14 merchant families during Hiberno-Norman period. The traces of tribes can still be seen which includes the Lynch’s Castle and a limestone house from 16th century. This is the city where medieval architecture meets the modern architecture. The River Corrib rambles through the city with beautiful bridges over it and with miles of coastlines, sharp mountain ranges, vibrant and colorful pubs, interesting festivals, further enhanced by the natural beauty, Galway is often touted as of the most enjoyable places in Ireland.
The Latin Quarter on the left bank of River Corrib is where you will find most popular restaurants, pubs, shops and galleries. You can enjoy traditional Irish music in the colorful pubs. The Galway Cathedral, which was built in 1965, is a fine piece of architecture and a hidden gem and the Galway museum which is located near the well-known Spanish Arch, conducts very informative exhibitions. There are also some festivals to experience and enjoy such as Galway International Arts Festival and Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival. 

  • Dunguaire Castle

    Dunguaire Castle is one of the many medieval age castles in Ireland. Built in 16th century, on the shore of Galway bay, this castle is a significant landmark. The tower of this perfectly preserved castle is 75 m tall. If you want to see the medieval architecture of Galway, Dunguaire Castle is the place to go.

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  • Galway Cathedral

    Built in 1965, Galway Cathedral is one of the largest buildings in the city. The stunning architecture of the cathedral makes it look like it is centuries old and itself is a reason to visit. The cathedral's design fuses Renaissance style and Chinese art.

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  • Eyre Square

    Eyre Square is a beautiful public park in Galway. Located at the heart of the city the park is also known as John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. If you are looking for a peaceful place to relax and enjoy nature, do visit the Eyre Square.

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  • Galway City Museum

    Situated near the well-known Spanish Arch, the Galway City Museum was founded in 2006. The museum conducts a variety of very informative exhibitions where you can learn about the culture and history of the city.

  • International Arts Festival

    If you are in Galway in July don’t miss out on one of the best festivals of Galway known as the Galway International Arts Festival. It is a two weeks event which offers programs related to theater, music, dance, opera comedy and much more.

  • Atlantaquaria

    Situated beside the Galway Bay, Galway Atlantaquaria is a beautiful aquarium which has a vast variety of marine species including Jelly fish, Clown fish, Irish sharks and many more. It is Ireland's  national aquarium.

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