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Best things to do in Port Moresby

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Things to do in Port Moresby - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the best tourists’ destinations for anyone who loves nature and it’s plenty. Situated in the southwestern Pacific, the island offers a great deal of natural attractions such as its amazing beaches, volcanoes, hiking routes and coral reefs.

Away from its natural attractions, it is also a place well immersed in history being one of the sites of World War II which is visible through several of its wreckage sites, monuments and cemeteries.

  • Port Moresby Nature Park

    Located next to the University of Papua New Guinea, is the Port Moresby Nature Park – arguably one of the nation’s biggest tourist attractions with over 145,000 visitors annually. Spread over 30 acres the park is not short of flora and fauna with hundreds of species of plants and animals and several of which are endemic to the region. Some of its parks include the Cassowary Corridor, Bird of Paradise WWII Walk-Through Aviary and many more – it is easy to explore with several buses and guided tours to help visitors.

  • Kokoda Trail

    Undoubtedly the most exciting thing to do in Papua New Guinea is the Kokoda Trail – a 90 km track that runs from Owen’s Corner in Central Province to the Village of Kokoda in Oro Province travelling primarily through the land of the Mountain Koiari people. One of the things that made the trail so famous is role during the Battle of the Pacific between Japanese forces and the Allied Forces during World War II that led to the death of over a thousand people. Hiking the Kokoda Trail is not an easy feat with most of the terrain being extremely rugged and only accessible by foot but it makes up for that with wonderful views and much wildlife presence.

  • Asaro Mudmen

    If you take a trip to the village of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands, you would get to see some of the Papua New Guinea’s tradition and culture – the Asaro Mudmen is probably one of the most famous of all. Locally known as Holosa, it is centered around a mask made of mud – which according to legend the indigenes of Goroka used the masks to scare their enemies while they escape from captivity.

  • National Museum and Art Gallery

    Established in 1977, the National Museum and Art Gallery is located in Wigani and remains the county’s best center for history, art and cultural display. Renovated during the nation’s 40th anniversary, its exhibitions are divided into several sections - the museum’s major displays include musical instruments, masks, and traditional attires.

  • Bomana War Cemetery

    Pay your respect at the Bomana War Cemetery – the final resting place for of 3,824 commonwealth soldiers (699 unidentified) who died fighting in World War II. The cemetery was unveiled on 19 October 1953 and was designed by Mr. A.G. Robertson – standing behind it is the Moresby Memorial also built to commemorate the Australian and Papua New Guinea forces that lost their lives during the operations.

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