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Best things to do in Lagos Nigeria

Things to do in Lagos Nigeria - Nigeria

Lagos can be said to the “center of excellence” as the state’s motto declares, it is really one of those cities that gives you an unforgettable experience, filled with great sites which have high historical relevance. It is a paradise for extrovert and introvert as well, although some might argue with the latter.

Lagos being the economic powerhouse of the nation, makes it no surprise that it's full of great tourist sites, it is often regarded as “Eko”. A typical visit to Lagos would never be complete if you do not get to visit the awesome New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja built in respect of the memory of the great Fela Anikulapo Kuti the greatest Afrobeats singer from Africa. There are also many art galleries to visit like Nike Art Gallery, Omenka Gallery and if you want to know a bit about the history of Lagos you can visit the Slave Port/museum in Badagry.

  • The New Afrika Shrine

    There is not a soul that does not know about Fela, arguable the most important musician to live in Nigeria and it is only right that he should be immortalized and if you want to get a feel of the bedrock of Nigeria music scenery, The New African Shrine should be your starting point and best to do this immediately because once you get into Lagos music, you stay or visit will be much better.

  • Nike Art Gallery

    Nike Art Gallery is one of the largest galleries in West African is considered to be a haven for anyone that likes art. It was set up by the world renowned Nike Odunaye, the artist who said to not have more than primary level education. The gallery is a spectacle, it has four floors and over 1500 artworks displayed both inside and outside the building.

  • Badagry Slave Port and Museum

    This is a very crucial site for anyone who wants to get the best out of the visit or stay in Lagos because it is very important to know the story of the people when you get to a particular region. A trip to Badagry would give anyone more than a peek into the story of not only Lagosians but of Nigerian as a whole. Some sites to be seen at Badagry include the first ever concrete building in Nigeria, the first Well in Nigeria and of course the transatlantic slave trade port.

  • Lekki Conservation Center

    Established in 1990 has seemed a high rise in visitations by locals and tourists, with a land area of over 78 hectares of land. A very vibrant and peaceful location for a lover of wildlife, some of its main features include Nation Station, Swamp look-out station and it most enticing of all; the 2 km board work which gives visitors a chance to see all that the center has to offer.

  • Tarkwa Bay Beach

    Tarkwa Bay beach is located on an island near the Lagos Harbor, it is an absolute delight and comparing with other Lagos beaches it stands out, there is often music, food and most of all a great place to meet people and get the whole Lagos vibes.

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