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Things to do in Lubango - Angola

Africa has a long list of must-see cities but most of these are flocked by thousands of tourists wanting to tick that Safari adventure from their bucket list. Experiencing the wildlife is probably the goal of most tourists, but for those who just need that breath of fresh air away from where everyone else usually goes, a lesser known city in Angola is the perfect getaway. 

A flight of no more than two hours from Angola’s capital of Luanda will bring you to the lush, mountainous and picturesque city of Lubango – the gateway to the southern regions of Angola.

Once a major Portuguese colony, the city still carries Portuguese influences from its cuisine and language to its architectures. But the African city has been constantly redefining its identity post-Portuguese settlement and civil war. It now boosts industrial developments paving way for a bustling economy that is ready to welcome visitors from around the globe.

Tourists in Lubango can choose from a variety of things to do within the city and in nearby Huila Province. From city sightseeing to mountain adventures to driving into Angola’s remote places that are home to some of the most interesting tribal communities, Lubango surely does not run out of things to surprise every traveling guest.

  • Serra Da Leba

    Connecting the cities of Lubango and Namibe is the Serra da Leba mountain range. It is known for its 6,053-feet elevation, for its natural wonder, and for its pass road. This road is one of the most famous difficult hair pinned roads in the world, having 56 turns of climbing up and down the mountainside. For the adventure-seekers and the daredevils, you are definitely in for a ride!

  • Natural Abyss of Fenda da Tundavala

    Nature at its finest! Accessible by car and very close to the city center, the viewpoint of Tundavala Gap will give you the most sweeping views of the city. Along the way, enjoy the eccentric stone formations, ravines, gorges and gullies. You can also hike or bike your way up to the Tundavala for more nature appreciation.

  • Mwila Tribe in Kimbo Valley

    Mwila, or Mumuhuila, are a cluster of semi-nomadic traditional people in Huila region. They are famous for keeping their traditions of impressive and meaningful hairstyles, unique way of dressing and artistic body ornaments. Their livelihood is focused mainly on agriculture and livestock. As traditionalists, Mwila people believe in a Supreme Being.

  • Christ The King

    One of only four in the world, Cristo Rei or Christ The King was inspired by the world-famous Christ The Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The 30 meters high catholic monument is perched atop a hill overlooking the city of Lubango.

  • Lubango’s Hollywood Sign

    Next to the Cristo Rei statue is the LUBANGO giant letters that resemble the iconic HOLLYWOOD sign in California. As not many people come in this site, you have all the time to take as many pictures as you can while also taking in the astonishing views of the city from up above.

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