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Things to do in Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou is Burkina Faso’s capital city; it is also recognized as the country economic, administrative and cultural center. Regarded as an historical city, it was at the center point of one Africa’s most prominent communities known as the Mossi Kingdom of Wagadugu.

Popularly call by its shortened name “Ouaga” it is a relative peaceful city that it is still very much attached to its cultural heritage. It offers quite an array of attractions to make your visit worthwhile such as the Mossi Village Kokologo, Bangr Weogo Park and National Museum of Music.

  • Mossi Village Kokologo

    Located in the central western part of Burkina Faso, the Mossi Village Kokologo was built in 1942 to serve as the Palace of the King. With several huts surrounding the palace itself, the village has been properly maintained to be one of the city’s main attractions. A visit will widen your knowledge of the Burkina Faso but most especially about the Mossi people.

  • Bangr Weogo Park

    For a dose of Burkina Faso’s natural side, visit the Bangr Weogo Park. The 240 hectares natural reserve offers something different from the rest of the city, there is no shortage of activities to engaged in at park - it features different trails for walking through its savannah and botanical gardens. However, its primary attraction remains its large array of wild animals such as giraffes and antelopes. Surrounding the park are numerous restaurants and bars where you can relax after exploring all the park has to offer.

  • Ouagadougou Cathedral

    Situated in the middle of the city is the Ouagadougou Cathedral, the historic cathedral was the brainchild of Apostolic Vicar Joanny Thevenoud and it was established in the 1930s. Regarded as the largest cathedral in the country it was built using mainly mud bricks with its designs similar to cathedrals found in Europe. At the back of the Cathedral is an altar dedicated to Mary, with a stone statue depicting her. 

  • National Museum of Music

    Music has always been a huge part of Burkina Faso’s culture and the National Museum of Music was established to display and educate people on the country's musical history. Situated in a two-story building on Oubritenga Avenue, which is at the center of the city making accessibility to the museum effortless. The museum features all types of musical instruments including membranophones, idiophones, chordophones and areophones. It is a must visit for music lovers.

  • International Art and Craft Fair

    Known as SIAO (Le Salon International de L Artisanat de Ouagadougou), it is one of the biggest shows in the county. Held every two years it was set up to promote the country’s arts and crafts culture and in the process improve the nation’s economy. It is a major tourist attraction and it gives visitors not only a chance to buy some works displayed but an avenue to immerse themselves in the culture of Burkina Faso.

  • National Museum

    Arguably one of the most important places in the city of Ouagadougou, the National Museum established in 1962 focuses on displaying the nation’s history and culture. It holds a number of artifacts linking to the country’s heritage including various masks, ancient statues and traditional costumes of most of Burkina Faso’s ethnic groups.

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