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Things to do in Bujumbura - Burundi

Bujumbura is the capital and the largest city in Burundi. The city is still battling to return to its former glory after its growth was hampered by the Burundi civil war.

Popularly called Buju by the locals, it has managed to maintain the core of is beauty with its lovely boulevards, beautiful colonial architecture and pristine beaches.

Some amazing places to visit include the ever stunning Lake Tanganyika, the famous Livingstone-Stanley Monument and Saga Beach. Bujumbura is one city you will slowly grow into and learn to appreciate before your stay is over.

  • Lake Tanganyika

    Also known as Africa’s Great Lake, the Lake Tanganyika is one of the most important lakes in the continent. It is the world’s longest freshwater lake, the second largest by volume and second deepest after Lake Baikal in both cases. The majestic lake runs through four countries namely; Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo – many activities including fishing, snorkeling, diving and swimming happen at the lake. Asides that visitors can also appreciate its flora and fauna with over 1,300 species of plants and animals present.

  • Livingstone-Stanley Monument

    Experience a bit of history by visiting the Livingstone-Stanley Monument, it is a large piece of rock said to be the location where two foreign missionaries - Dr. Livingstone and Stanley met while searching for the source of the River Nile on 25 November 1871 (a claim it shares with Ujiji in Tanzania). On the stone are the gold inscriptions of Dr. Livingstone and Stanley - asides the stone, the location also offers a good mountain view and a nice clean environment for a picnic.

  • Parc des Reptiles (Reptile Park)/Musée Vivant

    The Reptile Park is one of the best places to visit in Bujumbura, especially if you love reptiles. The park featuring several reptiles such as snakes and crocodiles is an interactive zoo, meaning visitors can come in direct contact with the animals displayed. There are also dance performances by traditional dancers, to make the whole visit better.

    Similarly, the Musée Vivant displays animals as well – it might not be the best zoo you will ever visit but you will get a chance to see some animals as well, such as chimpanzees, antelopes and snakes, and crocodiles. It also features an exhibition of a traditional Burundi living compound and hut.

  • Saga Beach

    A visit to Bujumbura feels incomplete without a visit to Saga Beach, it's the most visited and most attractive beach in Burundi. Located five kilometers northwest of Bujumbura, the beach used to be known as the Plage des Cocotiers (Coconut Beach). Presently called the Saga Beach because it is located close to the Sega Beach resort which has the largest bar and restaurant in the city.

  • Central Market

    This is Burundi’s largest market, a nice place to explore and get some items for the trip back home. The covered market is divided into several sections, it has different shops selling different good, ranging from clothes to foodstuffs.

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