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Things to do in N Djamena - Chad

N’Djamena is the capital of Chad, not one of the most popular African cities for tourism but it does have it perks. Once named Font-Lamy after French soldier Amédée-François who was killed in war. It was later renamed to N’Djamena by the President François Tombalbaye on April 6,1973. The name N’Djamena means “place of rest”.

As a tourist it is a pleasant city to be in with several attractions like Grande Marche (central Market), Musée National du Tchad, Zakouma National Park amongst others. It is also home to the popular Lake Chad.

  • Lake Chad

    One of the largest lakes in Africa at a time, but has continual seen a reduction in size due to climate change. The lake shrunk significantly between 1963 and 1998 but it remains a good tourist site, when at the Lake Chad you are bound to see locals engaging in fishing and boat sports. The lake is surrounded by four countries namely Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. It is also important to remember that Lake Chad is very crucial due to the fact that Chad is a landlocked country.

  • Musée National du Tchad

    Established on October 1962, the national museum is the best place to get information about the history of Chadians. Filled in the rooms of the Museum are artifacts that date back to early centuries. One of the most memorable artifacts displayed is the skull of the Toumai Man, which is said to be the earliest human ancestor by the locals. Most of the artifacts have been lost due to the countries' instability.

  • Zakouma National Park

    The Zakouma Park is one of the largest reserves in Africa and the country’s oldest. Established in 1963 to curb poaching, it is Chad’s number one location for tourism receiving thousands of visitors yearly. Visit the National Park to see giraffes, antelopes, elephants and lions. It is advisable to not make it a one-day visit, since there is so much ground to cover. There are accommodations near the park to make visiting easier.

  • Grand Marché (Central Market)

    Head to the Grande Marché if you desire to do some shopping, the central market with it colonial-style buildings is the number one shopping place for locals in the capital. Around the market are banks, restaurants and embassies. Advisable to go with someone who can speak French because of language barrier.

  • Avenue Charles De Gaulle

    This one of the historical streets in the capital, it has had several names most recently Avenué du François Tombalbaye before being renamed to Avenue Charles De Gaulle. The avenue has undergone several damages in the past most especially during the civil unrest “Battle of N’Djamena”.

    Take a walk down the Avenue Charles De Gaulle and take in the calmness of the environment then locate a good restaurant to wine and dine while listening to the local music or a boulevard of garden and have a picnic. The avenue is a very nice place to experience the hospitality of Chadians.

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