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Things to do in Macau - China

The city of Macau is an exciting place to visit, it was a former Portuguese colony until control returned to the Chinese in 1999.

Situated on the South coast of China, across the Pearly River Delta from Honk Kong. It has a population of over 600,000 people and an area of 32.9 square kilometers making it one of the most densely populated region in the world.

With a mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture the city is easily one of the most entertaining parts of Asia, known for its famous temples, wonderful cuisines, exciting festivals and a mix of ancient and modern architecture.

  • Macau Tower

    Macau tower located in Sé, is one of the tallest buildings in Asia standing at a mind-blowing 338 meters high. The building is said to be the brainchild of Macau's casino billionaire who got inspiration for the building after visiting the Sky Tower in Auckland. Completed in 2001, it is recognized as one of the symbolic buildings in the city. Its star attraction is its observation deck which gives a panoramic view of the city, it also features a 233 meters tethered Bungee Jump for the brave hearted.

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  • Macau Maritime Museum

    The Macau Maritime Museum is dedicated to telling the story between the city of Macau and the surrounding sea. Located in Barra Paroga just beside the A-Ma temple, it was established in 1987. Initially situated in an old mansion the site of the museum was moved in 1990 to a more modern building due to space constraints and proper preservation of its artifacts. The museum is divided into 4 exhibitions rooms featuring artifacts such as costumes, model of vessels, nautical instruments and a modeled dragon boat.

  • Macau Historic Center

    It is a collection of over twenty locations that shows the blend between Chinese and Portuguese cultures. The Macau Historic center is one of the most important parts of the island, showcasing mainly its intricate architectural works. Its attractions include the Guia Lighthouse, Moorish Barracks, Dom Pedro V theater, Lou Kau Mansion among others.

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  • Fisherman’s Wharf

    The Fisherman’s Wharf is a theme park which covers over 111,500 square meters, the park is similar to other world seaports such as Amsterdam, Venice and Miami. The Wharf is a well-known location for shopping in Macau featuring over 70 stores and restaurants, the highlight of visiting the Fisherman's Wharf is its Vulcania, a 40 meters high replica Volcano that erupts every evening inside the River of fire.

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  • A-Ma Temple

    Macau has several temples but none is as important as the A-Ma temple, it is known as the oldest temple in the city. Built in 1488, the name of the city Macau is said to be derived from the Temple, gotten after confusion due to language barrier between the colonizers and the indigenes of the land. The A-Ma temple has six main parts namely; Gate Pavilion, the Prayer Hall, Hall of Guanyin, Memorial Arch, Hall of Benevolence and Zhengjiao – Chanlin – Buddhist Pavilion. The temple is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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