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Things to do in Abidjan - Ivory Coast

On the South coast of West Africa is where you can find Ivory Coast, the French speaking country is often called the pride of West Africa due to cultural heritage, wonderful hospitality and all round beauty.

One of the cities in Ivory Coast is Abidjan, known as the “Paris of the west”. Abidjan is no longer the official capital of the country but plays a very instrumental role in the country’s economy especially in the tourism scene.

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral

    Concentrated in 1985 the cathedral has a capacity of about 5,000. It is one monumental building in Ivory Coast, designed by architect Aldo the church serves as the mother church for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Abidjan. From afar, you will notice it stained-glass and it architectural brilliance, it is a site for anyone interested in African Architecture. Inside the church you can find a religious museum, a library, conference rooms and media rooms.

  • Festival Climbie Beach

    This event is usually the highlight for tourists visiting the Ivory Coast. The festival usually in August is an annual celebration of the Essouman people of Assinie.

    The 3-day (usually from Friday to Sunday) event features lots of activities such as cooking competition, sport events, a mini carnival, half-marathon and parties. Assinie is a seaside resort town.

  • Parc du Banco

    Parc du Banco is a national forest reserve which is located along Highway North in Attécoubé. The park covers an area of about 7,500 acres of tropical forest. Being a tropical forest it has majestic trees, there are also walking trails and a lake. There is also wildlife present that you can see.

  • La Pyramide

    La Pyramid is one of the most notable buildings in Abidjan, located in Le Plateau, the building was designed by Italian architect Rinaldo Olivieri and completed in 1973. It was one of the most daring architectural works of the post-colonial era of Africa, with the aim of capturing the activity of an African market in a modern setting. The building spaces are mostly used as boutiques, shops and office spaces. Around the La Pyramide there are several other beautiful building as well.

  • International Club & Paintball Park

    When touring any city, it is important to find a place you can relax and the International Club & Paintball Park is one of those places, where you can swim in the lagoon, play water games and even kayak. There also other activities at the Park like table tennis, football and volleyball.

    After all the fun you can choose to wine and dine in the restaurant located inside the park.

  • Zoo Nationale d’Abijan

    Initially created as a private zoo in 1930, it was later acquired by the state in 1972. The Zoo one time had over 500 species walking around but had since seen a steady decline. The zoo is a wonderful place to catch wildlife in their normal habitat. Visitors are likely to see some Elephants and crocodiles.

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