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Things to do in Roseau - Dominica

Is there a place more perfectly made for tourism than Dominica? The island of Dominica is blessed with lovely beaches, imposing mountains and amazing people.

Dominica is not exactly like your typical Caribbean country, which makes it very likely to slip under the radar of tourists, but asides from its lack of popularity everything else about the island is great.

Home to some awesome attractions such as the mind-blowing Boiling Lake and the wonderful twin Trafalgar falls, the city is indeed one of the best place to have a lovely and engaging time.

  • Boiling Lake

    The boiling lake of Dominica is one of the wonders of Nature. The lake is a fumarole, which simply means an opening in the earth’s crust that releases steam and gas very similar to a Volcano. The Boiling Lake is situated in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and it is the second largest hot lake in the world, with a size covering an area of 10,5 kilometers. Hiking to the lake for tourists can prove to be a tedious affair, due to the fact that there a no clear roads leading there and it often takes hours to complete even for experts.

  • Trafalgar Falls

    The Trafalgar Falls are perhaps the most visited tourist attractions in Dominica. The twin waterfalls are located on the west side of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park nation, just a few minutes’ drive from Roseau. The falls get their source from the Trois Pitons River and are easy accessible by visitors due to its already set paths. The upper waterfall is called as “Father” and empties into hot sulfur spring, while the lower waterfall is called “Mother” and forms a natural swimming pool that people can swim in.

  • Dominica Festivals

    When compared to some other Caribbean nations, the Dominica Republic can be said to be on the reserved side when it comes to the “Party lifestyle” but it is still a bubbly nation. Festivals play a huge part of the Dominica’s culture, and they are often anticipated by locals and foreigners. Some major festivals include Dominica Festival of the Arts which hold from April through June celebrating all aspects of the nation’s art and culture, and World Creole Music Festival held annually in October for music performances by local and foreign stars.

  • Carib Cultural Village by the Sea

    Locally known as the Kalinago Barana Aute, the Carib Cultural Village is an area reserved to honor the diversity, heritage and history of the Kalinago people. Established in February 2006, it is situated close to the sea as the name suggests and covers an area of 4.2 acres. The village has various buildings such as a crafts shop, an administration and interpretation center and a snackette.  It is a nice place for those to learn more about Dominica’s culture especially about the Kalinago people.

  • Dominica’s Beaches

    Caribbean nations and beautiful beaches go together and Dominica is no different. The island’s beaches are perfect for relaxation and having a full Dominican Experience. The beaches provide many activities like surfing, swimming, and general sports, also you can try some restaurants and bars around. Some popular beaches to visit include the Mero Beach, Soufriere bay beach and Secret Beach.

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