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Toulon is southern France’s most overlooked city. While it lacks the urban grit of neighboring Marseille or the glamour of Cannes and Nice, Toulon is the hidden gem of the Provence region with an intoxicating mix of natural beauty, naval history and gastronomic delights. Tucked between two rugged headlands, the sheltered cove that forms the nucleus of Toulon is lined by promenades and quays, which offer a glimpse into the workings of France’s second largest naval base. Beyond the city center, impressive 16th century naval fortifications remain daunting until now while a cable car ride up Mount Faron offers awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean coast. What is more, while the restaurants of the glitzy cities of the Cote d’Azur cater to tourists, those of Toulon serve the best of Provencal cuisine with seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood and excellent wine.

  • Mont Faron

    The cable car ride up to the Mount Faron is one of the major attractions in Toulon. Since it began operation in July 1959, it has become one of the main reason for which tourists troop to Toulon. Tens of thousands of visitors ride the cars up the 584 meters altitude if the Mount Faron every year and enjoy a mind-blowing view of Toulon and the Mediterranean Sea when they finally get to the top.

  • Toulon Harbor

    The Toulon harbor is usually buzzing with activity most of the time and plays host to a lot of yachts and fishing boats which are docked there. While taking a walk along the harbor, ensure that you visit some of the restaurants and boutiques that line the pleasant waterfront sidewalks. As a plus, they have outdoor terraces where you can relax in the midst of the activity.

  • Musée Mémorial du Débarquement

    One of the best features of the Musée Mémorial du Débarquement is an outstanding and extraordinary view that it offers. This unique monument is one of the historical monuments specifically dedicated to the landing of Provence during the 2nd World War and is one that you shouldn't pass up on seeing.

  • Musée National de la Marine

    The Toulon Navy has played a very key role and has a place in the history of Toulon. This one of the reasons for the establishment of the Musée National de la Marine. This museum with its beautifully crafted and designed exterior plays a key role in the preservation of the Toulon maritime history and the Navy's impact as well.

  • Toulon Hike

    The best way to actually drink in the awesome beauty of the amazing city of Toulon is to go on a hike through this beautiful location. On your way, the area's 'Mediterranean Jungle' and the stunning blue lagoon are some places that you should totally check out.

    Hike, Lagoon Swim and Goat Farm Tour with Lunch

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