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Things to do in Berlin - Germany

Berlin has the reputation that comes with great European cities, the beauty, freedom and courage. On the surface the city might present itself as a serious minded one, that is only interested in the business aspect of life but if you dig a little deeper you will see it has so many gems to be discovered.

Most of Berlin’s attraction are linked to when Germany was still separated as West and East Germany and the Holocaust - so be sure to check out its museums, monuments, and memorials of the Holocaust.

  • Brandenburg Gate

    The impressive Brandenburg Gate is generally recommended by locals as one of the must-see city’s attractions. Constructed between 1788 and 1791, it was designed by Prussian architect Carl Gotthard Langhans and is considered to be Berlin’s first Greek revival building. The neoclassical Gate is one of great historical significance, as it is the only surviving historical city gate which symbolizes the end of the country’s cold war division of East and West Germany. It was at the gate where thousands of people gathered to celebrate the fall of the wall and the unification of Germany.

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  • Berlin TV Tower

    The iconic Berlin TV tower is the city’s most visible landmark, which stems from the fact that is the highest structure in Germany – rising at an incredible height of 368 meters. Situated in the Marien quarter, close to Alexanderplatz – it was constructed in1969 by the East German government as a symbol of the nation communist strength. Presently the tower is an observation tower, making it the highest building open to public view and also a restaurant.

  • Tiergarten (Soviet War Memorial)

    One of the calmest part of the city, the Tiergarten is the most popular park in Berlin. Covering 520 hectares, it is one of the largest urban gardens in Germany - with several activities to get involved in at the park it is often a good place to socialize with locals and other tourists. Its highlights are the Berlin Zoo and its numerous monuments including the Soviet War Memorial built to commemorate the fallen soldiers of Germany most especially the 80,000 soldiers of the Soviet Union who died in the famous Battle of Berlin.

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  • Holocaust Memorial

    The holocaust will forever be a looming part of Germany history, a period that saw thousands of Jews murdered. Located at Cora-Beliner Strabe which significantly had the highest population of Jews in the country before the war – the memorial was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and Engineer Buro Happoid and consists of 2,771 concrete slabs which extends over 200,000 sq. ft. 

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  • Reichstag Building

    Beautiful both during the day and night, the Reichstag Building is one of the best pieces of architectural work in Germany. Built between 1884 and 1894, the Reichstag is another building with much history – burnt down in 27 February 1933, it has since been renovated and currently houses the Federal German Parliament. One of the amazing features of the building is its dome that has a 360-degree view of Berlin.

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