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Things to do in Accra - Ghana

Welcome to the official capital of Ghana; the nation’s economic and commercial capital, it is also the largest city in the country. Accra a city a beautiful city, it holds more than 2 million people. This upcoming metropolis is an embodiment of the mix between ancient cultural systems with the new modernized ways.  With its lovely tropical climate, it is one of the top cities to visit in West African, it has lots of enchanting places to visit and things to do.

  • Labadi Beach

    Accra has an abundance of beaches but the top one has to be the Labadi beach. Located in Labadi it is popularly known as the “La Pleasure Beach”. There are often side attractions on the beach like games and sorts, live music performances by artist and also in the mornings it is used as a workout station. It is a great place to meet locals and enjoy the Ghanaian scenery.

  • Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop

    Probably the strangest but unforgettable place you will ever visit on any of your travels is The Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop. Established in the 1950s the workshop is dedicated to creating fantasy like coffins, they are created in different shapes and sizes to represent different things. There are coffins that are the shape of fruits, buildings, objects like remote control, pianos, robots and soccer balls.

  • Osu Castle

    The Osu Castle dates as far back as the 16th century, built by the Denmark-Norway it is a significant piece in Ghanaian history. Also known as the Fort Christainsborg, the castle was used for a number of things which included storing slaves. It is an important site for tourists that want to equip themselves with knowledge of Ghana’s pre-independence era.

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  • Go Camping

    More often than not tourists are deciding to ditch the normal way of staying in a hotel and a resort. They are now camping out in the open instead, luckily the city of Accra makes provision for this. So if you are interested in camping you can visit Kakum National Park and several public beaches across the city. Often times camping sites also provide a host of other activities for visitors to engage in such as hiking.

  • National Museum of Ghana

    Inaugurated on 5th March 1957 as part of the Ghana’s independence day celebrations. This is the place to learn about Ghana’s great history. The museum features artifacts from as far back as the stone age, but mostly has items that show Ghanaian heritage such as traditional textile, chief’s regalia, beads, pottery and musical instrument. You can also find some Ghanaian paintings in the art section of the museum as well as sculptures.

  • Watch A Football Match

    If you are familiar with West African countries you would know that they very passionate about football, so on the weekends it is advisable to go to the nearest stadium around you and watch the local team play. Some stadiums you can go to include Dawu Sports Stadium, Accra Sport Stadium and Azumah Nelson Sports Complex.

  • Cuisine

    From restaurants to market stalls and sizzling street food, Accra has a wide range of places providing West African cuisine. Visit local markets and taste traditional foods on this tour of Accra's markets and cuisine.

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