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Things to do in Saint George - Grenada

Granada is an interesting country, with many wonderful places to explore, one of such places is the capital St. George's. With a population of just 33,734, it is often referred to home away from home by tourists because of its hospitality. St. George's is the economic power house of the nation, producing nutmeg, cocoa bean, ginger and mace for export. With moderate tropical climate it is a major tourist destination for those searching for a bit of adventure.

  • Annandale Falls

    One of Granada’s top tourist destination is Annandale Falls. Surrounded by green vegetation tourists flock to the falls. The waterfall itself is about 30ft (9.14 m) high. There is an opportunity to hike to the top of the waterfall. It is often better to hike to the top of the waterfall because as you hike there is a tour showing you different exotic plants and you get to have a history lesson about the falls. You can find vendors outside the falls selling refreshments and also souvenirs.

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  • St George’s Anglican Church/Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

    Predominantly a Christian city, the residents of St. George take their religious activities seriously. To get a view for yourself you can visit one of their worship centers. The St. George’s Anglican Church was built in 1825 and it is topped by a four-sided clock which serves as the city’s time piece, probably the most fascinating story about the church is that when it was struck by Hurricane the Clock continued working.

    The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is another place you can visit, located on top of the hill; it was also struck but by the hurricane but it is being restored as well.

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  • Fort George

    The Fort George is the oldest fort in Grenada, it was established by the French in 1705. When at the Port premises you can have a look at the cannons as well as the defensive tunnels dug during the time of war. At the top of Fort George, you can have a vantage point of the City’s entire landscape.

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  • National Museum

    The museum was established in 1976 by private citizens, who took it upon themselves to save the country’s heritage. The building where the museum is situated has undergone different times, initially it was a French barracks in 1704. Then later it was used by the British in 1880 as a prison to house female inmates, after that it was the location for the Country’s first hotel.

    The Museum is center on archaeology and history (mostly the country’s slavery era), some artifacts can be found inside the rooms, they have been divided into parts to make it more purposeful. On rare occasions, visitors can be treated to some entertainment St. George style.

  • Local Cuisines

    Grenadian food is very highly recommended, so it is best to find a suitable restaurant, bistro or eatery to get a taste. Some top restaurants in the city include Deyna’s tasty foods, Carenage Café and BB’s Crabback.

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  • Shipwreck Scuba-Diving

    Explore a ship wreck 30 meters beneath the Caribbean Sea and see the sea life that wasted no time in colonizing their brand new artificial reef. 

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