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Things to do in Vaduz - Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is Europe’s fourth smallest country bordered by Switzerland and Austria. The German speaking country’s capital, Vaduz, sits on the Rhine River and is a city of great history and is full of beautiful medieval castles, picturesque cathedrals and amazing museums.

Vaduz a landlocked country city with a population of barely 5,000 is different from most capital cities because it comes with a great communal feeling, which is driven by the hospitality of the citizens.

  • Vaduz Castle

    The official residence of the reigning prince of Liechtenstein and the royal family. Located on a hill 120 meters above the city, it is one of the defining monuments in Vaduz, it is where the city gets its name from. The stunning castle was built by the counts of Werdenberg-Sargans in the 12th Century but acquired by The Princely family of Liechtenstein in 1972. In recent times the old castle has undergone some major restorations both in 1905 and 1920, it was also expanded in 1930 during the reign of Prince Johann II.

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  • Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

    The state-of-the-art museum is one of Vaduz top tourist location, it features famous art works from Liechtenstein and around the world. The building completed in 2000 was designed by three Swiss architects Meinrad Morger, Christian Kerez and Henrich Degelo. In 1967 the Liechtenstein government received a gift of ten paintings which prompted the creation of the State Art Collection of Liechtenstein. After which the first curator of the Dr. George Malin expanded the collection to include international modern and contemporary art.

  • Malbun

    The number one place to be in Vaduz during the winter is Malbun, it is a ski-resort village located in the municipality of Triesenberg nine miles north of Vaduz. It is the only winter skiing destination in the country, Malbun offers a few snow-covered mountains for visitors to pick from.

    At an altitude of 1600 meters, there are three different lifts; Hochegg, Tali and Sareis lifts, each offering different views of the mountains. There are hotels around, if you decide to make it an overnight experience.

  • Cathedral of St. Florin

    Liechtenstein being a predominantly catholic country contains a few cathedrals; one of which is the Cathedral of St. Florin. With its high Gothic style, it was designed and built by Architect Friedrich von Schmidt on the foundations of older, medieval buildings. The building initially housed the Liechtenstein Deanery before being elevated to Cathedral status by Pope John Paul II in 1997.

  • Prince of Liechtenstein Vineyards

    There is a culture of wine production in Liechtenstein, mainly due to the fact that the climate in the region favors the cultivation of wine. With calcareous soils and good amount of sunshine it is a haven for wine production.

    Visitors can stop by the Prince of Liechtenstein Vineyards which has the best and rarest wines for a wine testing session, peruse through the vineyards and also buy some bottles to stock up their personal wine cellar.

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