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Things to do in Antananarivo - Madagascar

In recent times Madagascar has been in the eyes of tourists looking for places to explore and this comes as no surprise because the nation is blessed with abundance of attractions. Located on the Indian Ocean, Madagascar previously known as the Malagasy Republic is the world’s fourth largest Island.

The Island is well-known for its flora and fauna impact, with many species endemic to the island, there is no shortage of places to be and activities to do in Madagascar.

Visit its beaches, national parks, islands and historical monuments for a great time.

  • Avenue of the Baobabs

    The Avenue of the Baobabs is a top tourist location on the island. It is a large group of Grandidier’s Baobabs located in Belon'i Tsiribihina and Morondava, the west region of Madagascar. Avenue of the Baobabs trees are locally called “mothers of the forest” and they grow up to about 30 meters height. The Baobabs trees are said to be over 2,880 years old, preserved by locals for food and wood. The Avenue of Baobabs is not the only place you can see Baobabs they are spread all around the island.

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  • Tsiribihina River

    Located in western Madagascar is a 120 m long river, the river has a huge significance to the people of Madagascar. It is often better for tourist to go on a cruise ride across the Tsiribihina River to get the best experience possible. Floating through the river on one of the pirogue you would get to experience the fauna and flora the River has to offer.

  • Ambohimnaga Hill

    The Royal Hill of Ambohimanga is the location for a Royal Settlement and a burial site, it is situated at the north-eastern part of the capital Antananarivo. The site mainly belongs to the Merina people and it is one of the twelve sacred hills of Imerina. Now a popular tourist destination, visitors are allowed to enter the buildings and get a feel of the Merina culture. Some major attractions include the royal tombs, the sacrificial Ox pit, palaces and sacred basins. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Isalo National Park

    Madagascar has many forest reserves but this one is the best to visit. Located in the southwestern part of Madagascar close to Ranohira Town, the park covers about 315 square kilometers, with an elevation that goes as high as 1268 m. It is a mix of Fauna and Flora. With birds, reptiles and mammals of different species the park is a wildlife dream. One of the main attractions includes the Benson’s Rock thrush, the park also features several natural swimming pools for relaxation.

  • Nosy Be

    The island which literally means “big island” is home to Madagascar’s biggest resorts, attracting a high number of tourists monthly. It covers an area of 320 square kilometers, with a population of about 74,000 people. A very peaceful place with beaches, restaurant and bars. The island has gone by various names in the past like “Assada” in the colonial era and “Nosy Manitra” before finally arriving at Nosy Be.

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