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Things to do in Yap - Micronesia

Coming across a destination such as Micronesia might prove to be quite difficult, the nation is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Consisting of several tiny islands, Micronesia sits comfortably in western area of the Pacific Ocean bordered by Palau, Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea.

With so many places to visit and things to see, picking the best way to spend your time is the only problem you would have while visiting Micronesia - some of its numerous attractions include the Sokehs Mountain, Liduduhniap Waterfalls, Truk Lagoon and Yap Island.

  • Liduduhniap Waterfalls

    Surrounded by lush vegetation are the incredible twin Liduduhniap waterfalls. Located just a few kilometers from Kolonia, the waterfalls are the easiest to visit on Pohnpei requiring no hiking, which may attest for its popularity among locals and visitors. Originating from the Nanipil river, its cascades to from a pool at the bottom forming a good spot for a swim.

  • Sokehs Mountain

    Sokehs Mountain also called Pohndollap (on the big hill) is a large rock formation located on the northern end of the Sokehs Mountain ridge on Pohnpei Islands. The mountain is known for being a refuge for the insurgents of the Sokehs Rebellion and also an important site for the Japanese during World War II. Hiking to the summit of Sokehs usually starts at the base of the mountain near the Sokehs Municipal Office, on your way up you are likely to see fragments from the War including the Defensive trench, Stone look-out, Rifle Pit and Anti-Aircraft Guns.

  • Yap Island

    Another of Micronesia’s wonderful islands is Yap, located in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Oceans. Consisting of smaller islands (Rumung, Maap,Gagil-tamil and Marbaq), it is one of the most visited parts of Micronesia due to its wealth of attractions and historical relevance. Some of its major attractions include the Ethnic Art village, the Stone Money bank of Balabat, Chamorro Bay and Yapa’s oldest men’s house (Faluw).

  • Chuuk Lagoon

    For a dose of historical war places visit the Chuuk lagoon, known as the site for the destruction of the Japanese’s imperial fleet during War World II. The waters of the Chuuk Lagoon are probably the most famous destination of ship wrecks in world – due to its clear and shallow waters some wreckage can be seen from the surface but to get a clearer view you would need to dive in, which can be quite dangerous even for the most experienced of divers.

  • Nan Madol

    Nicknamed the Venice of Micronesia - Nan Madol is a city built on water and consists of a group of small artificial islands linked by a network of canals. Located at the eastern shore of Pohnpei, it boasts of several archaeological sites - with most of them built during the Saudeleur dynasty. A trip to the ancient city, would have you perusing through ancient structures of temples, meet houses, bathing areas and burial vaults.

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