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Things to do in Naypyitaw - Myanmar (Burma)

Welcome to Naypyitaw, the capital of Myanmar – the city is a planned one and it is located outside of any state or region in the country, replacing Yangon as the administrative capital of the nation in 2006. The reason for the change of capital was because Naypyitaw was more centrally positioned compared to Yangon.

Being a planned city there is a perception that it is not a good tourist destination, this has been proven false by the thousands of visitors it receives yearly. It many attractions include the Uppatasanti Pagoda, Water Fountain Garden and the Gem Museum.

  • Uppatasanti Pagoda

    Undoubtedly Naypyitaw most remarkable attraction – the Uppatasanti Pagoda is a 325 feet (99.06 meters) golden Buddha temple standing at almost the same height as the Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon. Also, called the "Peace Pagoda", it was built in March 2009 - its interiors are decorated with carved stoned murals depicting crucial moments in Myanmar’s Buddhist history and that of Buddha as well. If you are interested, you can head over to the east side of the temple to see some white elephants.

  • Water Fountain Garden

    A must visit for anyone planning to see Naypyitaw, the 165-acre garden is one of the most visited destinations in the capital city. Situated near the Naypyitaw City Hall it was built by the government as a place for relaxation and leisure, the Water Fountain Garden contains a diverse range of things including several fountains, boasting ponds, a 30-foot-high clock tower, stone gardens, recreation centers and sculptures. Established in 2008, the park provides a family friendly place to relax and maybe have a picnic.

  • National Museum

    With the history of Myanmar being so complex and diverse, it is better to visit the National Museum to get direct information about the history of the city and country you are visiting. Located near the Kumdudura circle in Ottarathiri Township, the museum finally opened on the 15 July 2015, after taking over 5 years to be constructed. Dedicated to showcasing Myanmar’s fascinating history, the museum is divided into five wings (A, B, C, D and E) - Its major attractions are 40-million-year-old anthropoid jawbones, stone age tools and a collection of traditional Myanmar paintings.

  • The Gem Museum

    Situated in a four-story building in Zabuthri Township, the Gem Museum is the most beautiful place in the Naypyitaw- it is dedicated to precious Burmese gem stones. Decorated with large wall glasses, the museum features several jewels like sapphire, ruby and pearls, you can also visit its gem mart that consist of about 82 stores selling most of the precious stones. The Gem Museum is the location for the semi-annual Myanmar Gems Emporium that features jewelry and gem experts from around the world.

  • Myoma Market

    The city of Naypyitaw is generally very calm with relatively peaceful areas, so you hardly find the hustle and bustle familiar with other Asian capitals. If you want to experience something similar to that then Myoma Market is your best bet, filled with buyers trying to bargain their way to best prices, the market is the commercial center of Naypyitaw. You would find items ranging from traditional attires to food stuff at this market.

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