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Things to do in Wellington - New Zealand

Wellington, often described as a city worth seeing is New Zealand's capital and it is up there with some of the best destinations in the world. Located at the southern tip of the North Island on Cook Strait, it is a compact city and has a population of just under 500,000 people making it the second most populous city in the country.

It is also well known for its vibrant creative culture, great sights, food and hospitality earning it the title as one of the coolest cities in the world.

  • Mount Victoria Lookout

    The most wonderful of all of Wellington’s natural gifts is the Mount Victoria lookout, rising to an impressive 643 feet (195.99 m). Also known as the Mataurangi, it is located right next to the central business district and is easily accessible by vehicle. The lookout offers a glorious spot for picnics and the view is the most spectacular – it is the best spot in the city to watch a sunrise or a sunset.

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  • Te Papa Tongarewa

    The Te Papa Tongarewa is a New Zealand’s National museum and its one of the most visited destinations with over 1.5 million people every year. Established in 1992, Te Papa Tongarewa which translates to "container of Treasures" hold most of the country’s historical items. Its collections include textiles and dresses, some of which dates back to the sixteen century and several contemporary and historic items from the Pacific islands. Generally, admission in to the building is free but some of its big name exhibitions require a fee.

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  • National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand

    For those familiar with New Zealand’s history, it is no news that it is a country which culture is very immersed in body markings or tattoos. Located on Vivian street, the small but unique museum focuses on the significance of the Maori and Pasifka tattooing. It has various artworks and artifacts related to tattoos - there is also a tattoo parlor for visitors who are interested in getting one for themselves.

  • Weta Cave

    The Weta Cave is the perfect place for movie lovers and generally people excited by cutting-edge technology. The Academy Award-winning company Weta – famous for producing blockbusters like King Kong, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit - offers visitors a chance to see how it all comes to live, from the idea stage to the finished works. It also has a mini-museum displaying several artifacts from films produced by the workshop – although photography is not allowed in the workshop, you can take a picture just outside the front door with three life-sized trolls.

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  • Zealandia

    Formerly known as the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, is a protected area created in 1999 to be an urban Eco sanctuary. Spanning over 223 hectares, the wildlife reserve is hidden in the hills but offers a great opportunity to see most of New Zealand wildlife in their natural habitat. For easy navigation through its numerous parks, it is advisable to go on the guided tours offered, but they can still be explored independently.

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