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Things to do in Bergen - Norway

Founded in 1070 and quickly developing into Norway’s royal capital and Hanseatic seaport, Bergen is Norway’s most historic city. Nestled at the foot of pine-clad mountains and wrapped around seven dramatic fjords, Norway’s second city revolves around the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bryggen, a picture-perfect assemblage of red wooden seafarers’ houses dating from the medieval era. Despite the palpable history, Bergen is an ever-changing city with a cluster of excellent art museums and a diverse student population giving the picturesque streets a metropolitan buzz. What is more, despite its relatively large size, the ferries that whizz in and out of Bergen’s fjords allow for easy access to the best Norwegian nature has to offer.

  • Bryggen

    Bryggen is an ancient wharf city in Bregen that has a history of being the biggest trading center of the city in the 12th century. Because of this, it made it to the enviable list of UNESCO'S World Heritage Sites. The radiant colors of the place can be confused for rainbows. Bryggen was once ruled by the Hanseatic league also in the 12th century and one can still find traces of their time in the corners and alleyways of the city.

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  • Fløyen

    The fun begins even before you get to the top of Mount Fløyen. You'll have to take the Fløibanen Funicular, which already attracts enough tourists on it own. On top of the mountain is a mind-blowing view of the world before you. The mountain has trails around it so you can move around on it to see the world from the different angles and sides of the mountain.

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  • Ulriken

    Of all the mountains that surround Bergen, Mount Ulriken is the tallest. The panoramic view of nature from the top of the mountain will remain fresh in your memory for a very long time. In fact, you can even get to see other planets from the far away outer space with the right telescope. But that's not all about the place. People taking tours to this place will have to get to the mountain top in cable cars. Isn't that just nice?

  • Hanseatic Museum and Schøtstuene

    About 400 years ago, the Hanseatic merchants dominated the trading systems of Norway. If you still check the right places in Norway today you'll still find traces of the Hanseatic merchants, and the Hanseatic Museum in Bergen is one of those places. You will be given a tour of the whole museum where you'll get to learn more about the Hanseatic merchants and their way of life.

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