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Things to do in Belgrade - Serbia

This is without a shadow of doubt one of the best cities in Europe, it is phenomenal in its self-preservation. Belgrade is a home for Architectural master pieces, it has many sites and locations to make you take a trip down history. It is the top most location for tourist when visiting the Balkans. Some of it top locations include the great Cathedrals, Museums and of course The National Theater.

  • Belgrade Military Museum

    The military museum was completed in 1878 and has various ancient and modern collections. It includes ancient Greek and Roman artifacts like swords, helmets, body armors. There is also a part for more modern times which consist guns, bombs and war trucks. Located in Kalemegdan (Belgrade), it is a very surreal place for anybody with a passion for warfare and a place to learn about the historical side of Belgrade with great context.

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  • Belgrade Cathedrals

    Probably one of the hallmarks of Belgrade, is its beautiful and world renowned cathedrals. Cathedrals have long been a major part of the capital. There are awesome Cathedrals to visit and each has its own unique designs, from the Church of Saint Sava to Saint Mark’s Church each would give you a sensation new look to architecture.

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  • National Theater

    For the best display of art, then one really need to look no further than the National Theater. Established in 1869, the esteemed National theater plays host to the cream of the crop of Serbian performers. On different days of it schedule it has plays, ballet, and opera. It is one of the best places to see what Belgrade has to offer.

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  • Museum of Aviation

    Very hard to miss the Museum of Aviation especially if you come into Belgrade by air due to the fact the structure is right beside the airport and it was constructed using geodesic glass. Built in 1989, it also contains ancient and modern items. There are samples of artifacts from biplanes to plane wreckage and drones.

  • Rajko Mitic Stadium

    For sport fans and most especially football lovers this is a must visit, for this is one of the most electrifying stadium in Europe. Nicknamed the “marakana” it is a 55,000 capacity stadium. The fans always make it a memorable occasion every match day, but it peaks during the Eternal derby that features FK Patizan and Red Star Belgrade, the top teams from the Capital.  

  • Ada Ciganlija

    There are not many water bodies in Belgrade, but the Serbs are very industrious people and were able to turn this “river island” to a spectacle that has close to 100,000 visitors daily. It is a good recreational spot if you need somewhere to cool off during the summer. Around the Ada Ciganlija are bars which make the experience lovelier.

  • Avala Tower

    Initially completed in 1965 but was a subject to the NATO bombing in 1999, the Avala Tower had to undergo a four-year reconstruction that was finished in 2010. It is a 205 meters tall tower which is the tallest in the Balkans and serves as a communication tower. If you are interested in tall buildings and not afraid of heights this should be your number one visit.

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