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Things to do in Honiara - Solomon Islands

Named after King Solomon of the Bible by Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana because he believed the Islands was filled with many riches. The Solomon Islands consist of 6 major islands and over 900 smaller islands and has a population of over 600,000 people.

The oceanic country, with mostly untouched islands, is a traveler’s dream; featuring sites of WWII, amazing waterfalls and clear beaches. If you are searching for a destination that will make you forget about home, then visit the Solomon Islands.

  • Tenaru Falls

    Probably the Solomon Islands most visited natural attraction, it is said to be the best waterfall in the South Pacific. The Tenaru Falls can be found in Guadalcanal, about 2 km south of Tanuru Village – it is an amazing 63 m waterfall that gets it sources from Chea River and cascades over rocks to form a natural river. Reaching the Falls, requires hiking – might be a bit tedious but very achievable, after which visitors can cool off in its natural pool before journeying back.

  • Skull Island

    Just as the name suggests, it is a place filled with skulls situated in the Western Provinces. The skulls are arranged in shrines, they belong to the vanquished victims of the Western Provinces and the past Rendovan Chiefs. To explore Skull Islands, you need to be shown around by a local Chief. Very sacred to the indigenes, it is believed that a visit without the guidance of the Chief might lead to grave danger.

  • Vilu War Museum

    Not much to see at the WWII Museum except if you are into aircrafts and war equipment. The museum is filled with remnants of weapons used during the Guadalcanal campaign which led to the killing of over 30,000 troops. Some items displayed include unexploded shells, artery pieces and the museum’s star attractions a collection of old aircrafts.

  • Honiara Central Market

    To put your bargaining prowess to the test, head to the Honiara central market. Located between Mendana Avenue and the seafront, the market was established in the 1950s and it remains the number one trading center on the island. Primarily a food market, one can easily find other items as including bags, clothes, traditional artworks and jewelry.

  • Guadalcanal American Memorial

    Built for the Americans and their allies who died during the Guadalcanal Campaign - a battle fought against the Japanese force during World War II. The memorial dedicated on the 7th of August marking the 50th year anniversary, features four wooden boards pointing to different directions where the battles happened and a set of five marble plaques with the name of the ships lost in battle inscribed on them.

  • Solomon Islands Beaches

    No trip to the Solomon Island is complete without a visit to at least one of its numerous beaches. Known as the primary spots for relaxation, there are several beaches littered around the islands. Most featuring resorts as well, some interesting beaches to visit include the Bonegi Beach and Guadalcanal beach.

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