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Following the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella, most traces of Moorish rule were wiped from the map. However, the exception to this rule is the Andalucían city of Granada, which is dominated by the vast Alhambra complex. Set amongst the foreboding mountains of the Sierra Nevada, this fortified palace was built to be the opulent home of the last Moorish dynasty in Spain, the Nasrids. Beyond this swansong of Islamic architecture in Europe, Granada is a city that honors its Moorish roots while looking to the future. In the cramped alleys of the Albayzín, the historic Arab quarter, exotic smells of North African spices and sweet teas fill the air while in the edgy barrios politically charged street art lines the walls.

  • Alhambra

    The Alhambra is a current UNESCO world heritage site and has ruins of Old Roman fortifications serving as its foundation and base of the construction. The original construction date goes back to AD 899 where it was originally a small fortress towering over the city of Granada from the highest point of the palace ground.

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  • Generalife

    The Palacio de Generalife once served as the summer palace and country estate of Nasrid rulers who ruled over the Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus. This impressive ground can be found in an autonomous community of Andalusia just beside the city of Granada in Spain.

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  • Nasrid Palaces

    The Nasrid Palaces are a depiction of the glory and splendor of the Moors. With its magnificent Moorish-style courtyards, royal quarters and reception halls, it shows off the luxurious lifestyle that the Moors live and can be found at the very core of Alhambra.

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  • Flamenco Shows

    The colorful and exciting flamenco culture can be found totally portrayed in these shows. If you want to experience Flamenco culture firsthand, then the flamenco shows which are held at an atmospheric tablao in the neighbor Albacín in Granada is your best bet.

    Flamenco Show in Albaycin

  • Sierra Nevada National Park

    Have your mind blown and your breath taken away by the Safari of the Sierra Nevada. Climb as high as 3,000 meters up to the Iberian Peninsula and gradually descend while enjoying the sights. Upon your descent, take in the beautiful landscape and amazing wildlife while on a tour of the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park.

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