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Things to do in Lomé - Togo

Lomé, a francophone city located on the gulf of the Guinea, is the capital city of Togo with over 1.5 million residents and several ethnics group. The fast rising city was founded by the Ewes and has been a commercial and cultural hub since then. With its architectural blend of colonial and traditional buildings there is a real nostalgic feel about Lome. The city is really for travelers seeking the thrill of Western African culture but also want a bit of serenity.

  • Voodoo Fetish Market

    Called Le Marché des feticheurs, it is a market for African Traditional medicine. It is the largest voodoo market in West African and it located right beside a cemetery. Not for the fainthearted because not everyone can bare the sight of dead animals (birds, snakes, gorillas and lizards) which are of top priority in the market. There are also potions, artifacts and souvenirs for purchase. Asides buying and taking pictures, visitors can visit witch doctors for consultations. A visit to the Voodoo Fetish Market is usually an unforgettable one.

  • Togo National Museum

    Established in 1975 the Togo National Museum is one the most important buildings in the country. The museum is dedicated to “telling” the Togolese story from precolonial era to modern times. Situated inside the Palais de Congres it is a wonderful place for history lovers. The museum is divided into two sections: ethnographic and historical, it features historical artifacts such as pottery, paintings and sculptures. The main attractions are the chains used during slave trade era of the Nation.

  • Independence Monument

    The Independence Monument holds a huge significance to Togolese people. Built on April 27, 1960, to commemorate Togo’s independence from France. It is at located at the center of a traffic circle surrounded with flowers and fountains. It also has a fenced gate so it is quite difficult to get close to the monument.

  • The Grande Marche

    The Grande Marche (main market) is the biggest market in the capital covering a whole block and attracting buyers from all over the country. Located close to the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the market might be a little overwhelming for first timers. It is divided into three sections Atipoji and Assivito and Atipoji; with each vendor selling items such as fruits, baskets, spices, clothes amongst other things.

  • International Museum of the Gulf of Guinea

    Not the most known Museum in the country but it is worth a visit especially if your love African art. It is a private collection and it features art work from eastern and western countries like Nigeria and Ghana. Most of the items on exhibition are wooden sculptures with some being over several centuries old.

  • Lomé Sacred Heart Cathedral

    The majestic Catholic Church is one of seven Catholic church districts in Togo. Built in September 1906 by the German colonial authorities it one of the oldest buildings in the capital. The Cathedral was once visited by Pope John Paul II on August 9,1985, for mass celebrations.

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