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Things to do in Marmaris - Turkey

If it’s a taste of authentic Turkey you are after look elsewhere as Marmaris is the Turkish Riviera’s thrillingly modern capital. The city is at its most energetic in the summer, when the city’s population swells to an astonishing quarter of a million people. The city’s beating heart is Bar Street, which is lined with an endless selection of decadent bars and lively nightclubs. Beyond the nightlife, Marmaris’ kordon (seafront) provides breathtaking views towards the Greek island of Rhodes and is packed with picture-perfect cafes. However, the city is most famed as a jumping off point to explore the hidden gems of Turkey’s rugged Aegean coast.

  • Marmaris Castle

    Not many castles that are found in Turkey have museums in them, but Marmaris castle is an exception. The castle was built by Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent in 3000BC and still housed some locals until 1979. It has about 18 residences and a fountain. In 1991, the castle was officially opened as a museum to the public by the Turkish government.

  • Marmaris National Park

    Even horse riding, it takes not less than 3 hours to fully explore this beautiful park. If the long horse ride is not enough to thrill you, exploring the ancient traditional villages in the park and watching the wild rivers would do the trick. Thousands of visitors come to this park every year to witness the breathtaking scenery of the park for themselves.

    National Park Horse Safari

  • Turkish Bath

    A trip to Turkey without experiencing the famous Turkish Bath could be deemed incomplete. The Turkish bath was once said to help Queen Cleopatra to cure some stress illness she had. The Haman, as it is often called in Turkey, would help you to relax and leave you feeling young and clean after the experience.

    Turkish Bath Experience

  • Scuba Diving

    The reputation of the Turkish waters precede them, and those that actually visit these waters are never disappointed. At the shores of the rivers and lakes, there are many activities, such as fishing. However, that is not the peak of the excitement at these waters. You can get to experience the thrill of scuba diving to see the beautiful scenery down below. These dives are always monitored by watchful professionals and tour guides.

    Scuba Diving

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