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Things to do in Brighton - United Kingdom

Exuding coolness and eccentricity in equal measure, Brighton is like no other city in the United Kingdom. The largest city on England’s southern coast, Brighton developed as an upscale Georgian holiday resort but by the 1960s had become a hotbed for all things countercultural, a status the city takes pride in today. Brighton’s main attraction is its spectacular promenade, which is flanked by the oriental Royal Pavilion and the neon wonderland that is Brighton Pier. Beyond the shorefront the city becomes a maze of alleyways, known locally as The Lanes, packed with everything from traditional English pubs to burlesque houses and cutting-edge art galleries. While the British summer is famously temperamental, the eclectic seaside resort of Brighton is perfect regardless the weather.

  • Royal Pavilion

    The Royal Pavilion has been many things over its very history rich 200 years of existence. It was originality commissioned by King George IV to serve as his seaside pleasure palace before it was later repurposed to serve as a civic center. During the first World War, the Pavilion was again converted into a hospital.

    The pavilion finally gained its magnificence after a brilliant transformation was made by John Nash in 1811 as commissioned by George, the Prince of Wales after he became the Prince Regent.

    Over the course of its history, the Royal Pavilion has grown to become an icon for the people of Brighton.

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  • British Airways i360

    If you’re tired of looking at old buildings and need to see something fresh for a change, the British Airways i360 is your best bet. Experience a one of a kind journey to the future, ride all the way up 138 meters! Then settle in the lush foyer to soak up the magnificent view of the South coast and Brighton from the airways i360 glass viewing pod.

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  • The Lanes

    Another great place to kick start your tour of Brighton is to visit the Lanes. The Lanes are famous for its collection of really narrow lanes lined with small shops and even breaking away to form even narrower alleyways. The narrow lanes of The Lanes run all the way from Brighton to Hove. A little window shopping or a romantic evening walk on The Lanes is the best way to start your tour of Brighton.

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  • South Downs National Park

    The South Downs national park is the newest national park in England. It became fully operational on the First of April 2011. Its main attraction is the Seven Sisters. The seven sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel across the Cuckmere river. Other attractions on the national park are the devils' dyke, the Coastguard cottages and cape of Beachy head.

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  • Brighton Marina

    In Brighton and looking for the perfect mix of luxury and the sea breeze? Brighton Marina is the place to be. Situated on a busy yacht harbor, the Brighton Marina is the hub of luxury fashion boutiques, antique and craft shops, few galleries and restaurants with terraces overlooking the water, selling fresh sea food amongst other things. Getting to the Brighton Marina is easy, just hop on the Volk’s Electric Railway, as it shuttles between the marina and Brighton Pier. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, they’re a ton of Charter boats offering fishing tours and diving trips.

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