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Things to do in Montevideo - Uruguay

Uruguay is a country of dense culture flowing through its veins, its capital city is Montevideo. Montevideo is a city with a plethora of enchanting landmarks and incredible sites. It has a population of 1.3 million people. A true experience of Montevideo would take you around the city to places like Teatro Solis, Plaza Independence, Mercado del Puerto, Fortaleza Del Cerro and so on.

  • Teatro Solis

    If you are a lover of theater arts, then you can’t miss visiting the enchanting Teatro Solis. Originally opened in 1865, it has undergone series of renovation to make it the spectacle it is today while retaining most of its core. It is the most-prized theater in Uruguay and the Second-biggest in South America, the main performance hall can occupy over 15500 people. The great thing about the Teatro Solis is that you can still tour around it even when there are no shows displayed on that day.

  • Plaza Independencia

    This is Montevideo’s most significant and largest plaza, built to memorialize Independence hero Jose Arigas. There is a 17 m high and 30-ton statue of Jose Arigas at the Plaza Independencia and it is said that his remains are buried in the plaza. It is important to note that this Plaza is surrounded by many other great buildings and historical side attractions like the Teatro Solis, Palicio Salvio. So it is a nice place to start your tour of the city.

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  • Montevideo’s Beaches

    Being a tropical city, Montevideo is blessed with an abundance of beaches, locals and visitors are often confused as to which to visit. If you are going to be staying for an extended period it would be advisable to try to visit as many beaches as possible, from Honda beach to Playa de los Ingleses to Playa del Bueco. The good thing is that there are many resorts located next to the beaches so you can stay right next to one and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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  • Mercado del Puerto

    There are numerous markets in Montevideo but Mercado del Puerto is at the top shelf; it is located beneath the Perez Castellanos building on the Ciudad Vieja’s waterfront area. At the market you are bound to witness several cruise ships passing along. The market is always tightly packed and involves many side attractions from the locals like dancing, singing and other artistic performances. The market offers its classic specialty called “parrilla”.

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  • Fortaleza Del Cerro

    Fortaleza Del Cerro also called Fortaleza General Artigas was built to completion in 1839; mainly to defend the population of Montevideo and its port during times of war. It is located on the highest mountain in Montevideo and a nice place to learn about the history of Uruguay and have an excellent view of the city.

  • Café Brasilero and Escaramuza

    These are undoubtedly two of the top most cafes in the city, if you are looking for a place to relax with an ambient atmosphere. Café Brasilero offers a delightful stop for coffee and meals in an 1877 vintage setting, while Escaramuza Café has a back-patio restaurant and a library collection with classic books to make your stay memorable.

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