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Things to do in Tirana - Albania

Tirana is the trade, financial and political center of Albania. Located at the center of the country and ringed by hills and mountains, Tirana is a beautiful city and one of the best tourist destinations in Albania. This eternal city was founded by a Turkish general in 17th century and was declared as the capital of Albania in 1920. The fascinating museums, beautifully colored buildings, amazing street art, historic architecture, amusing nightlife, vibrant cafes and beautiful verdant parks beckon to the visitors from all around the world. With Palace of Culture flaunting its Soviet architecture and many more attractions such as the famous Skanderbeg monument, National Opera, the largest theater of the country, the beautiful Et’hem Bey Mosque, National Library and the historic clock tower, undoubtedly, the heart of Tirana is the Skanderbeg Square which is located in the center of the city. The Spille beach is also worth visiting where you can relax and enjoy food from nearby cafes and restaurants. This fascinating city which once used to be on the list of the worst cities of Europe due to lack of services and infrastructure is today a good tourist destination with fine infrastructure and modern services. 

  • National History Museum

    National History Museum is Albania’s largest museum and has a huge collection of archaeological objects of the country. It contains statues, Roman times and ancient Greek’s documents, mosaics and many other objects. It has 8 pavilions with Antiquity being the most important one, which has around 585 artifacts. Other pavilions also contain interesting objects such as national flags, weapons, books, documents, photographs and much more. It’s a good place to learn about history of Albania.

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  • National Theater of Opera and Ballet of Albania

    Founded in 1953 the National Theater of Opera and Ballet of Albania is the largest theater in the country. It is a hidden gem of Tirana where you can enjoy one of the best Opera and Ballet performances. Huge Choir, symphony orchestras and excellent ballet dancers will make your day.

  • Et’hem Bey Mosque

    The Et’hem Bay Mosque, located in Skanderbeg Square, is a beautiful mosque with amazing frescoes on the inside and outside, portraying trees, motifs and waterfalls. Closed during the Communist rule, and reopened in 1991, the mosque is today a significant religious place in Tirana.

  • Artificial Lake

    The Artificial Lake in Tirana is a good place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. Flanked by a park the lake offers beautiful view and is a place where you can enjoy nature and get fresh air. Its peaceful atmosphere will definitely make you visit it again and again.

  • Dajti Ekspres

    Dajti Ekspres is a cable car in Tirana which takes you up to the dramatic Dajti mountains and allows you to enjoy breathtaking and beautiful views of the city. You should not miss out on this incredible and unforgettable 15-minute journey if you are in Tirana.

  • Pyramid of Tirana

    Built in 1987, the Pyramid of Tirana, as the name suggests is a pyramid shaped building near Lana River. It is today a top tourist destination in Tirana specially because of its architecture.

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