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Things to do in Andorra La Vella - Andorra

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe but still an epitome of a country that is rich in traditional and one that has a magnificent heritage. Andorra La Vella, the capital of Andorra is a traveler’s dream location because of its blend of old cultures and modern technology. This makes it a terrific place to visit. From visiting Casa de la Vall to Bridge of la Margineda to The Church of Sant Esteve, tourists are sure to have a lovely visit.

  • Casa de la Vall

    Built in 1580 by The Buquets family it was designed to be used as a manor and tower defense building. The building has two floors, the ground being used as a court room for the administration of justice while the first floor contains the St. Ermengol chapel, a council chamber and the “closest of the seven keys” which stores documents important to the history of Andorra such as Politar Andorra and Manual Digest

    The final floor was the Postal Museum of Andorra until the 1990s when it was removed to be turned into a meeting for the Comissió Tripartida.

  • Bridge of la Margineda

    Located in Santa Coloma, the bridge was built in the 15th century. The bridge is set up just above the river Gran Valira and it is 33 meters long. Right next to the bridge is a sculpture to commemorate the first “Language and Literature of Catalonia” congress by Valecron Vicenc Alfaro. The Bridge of la Margineda is registered as part of the Cultural Heritage of Andorra.

  • The Church of Sant Esteve

    This is a top tourist location attracting thousands of visitors yearly. The church of Sant Esteve was built in the 12th century than later refurbished in 20th century. It's located on Placa del Prince Belloch, with restoration made by architect Josep Purg and Cadafalch in 1940. Inside the church visitors can admire the multicolored hall with colored wooden benches as well as “painting of the souls” which dates back to 18th century. 

  • Take a Walk

    The streets of Andorra La Vella are littered with side attractions and it not uncommon to see tourists taking pictures of them. Some things to see are statues which spread around the city like the Seven Poetas by Jaume Plensa, La Noblesse du Temps by Salvador Dali.

  • Taste the Local Cuisine

    With a great range of delicacies to choose from, Andorra le Vella is a dream city for food enthusiasts. The capital has a list of wonderful restaurants like El Faisá, Borda Estevet, Bodega Poblet and Taberna Ángel Belmonte.

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