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Things to do in Innsbruck - Austria

Nestled amongst the towering Nordkette Range of the Austrian Alps, Innsbruck is best known as a gateway to the nearby ski resorts of the Stubai Glacier. What is more, in the summer it is possible to travel from the bustling city center to mountaintop wild flower meadows with ease. However, while the city is an ideal starting point for any Alpine adventure, Innsbruck itself is one of Austria’s hidden gems and deserves more attention than it is usually given. The Altstadt is the stuff of fairytales with picture-perfect medieval buildings lining the cobbled, and often snow dusted, streets. A vast Habsburg palace with impressive period rooms dominates the old town while a few kilometers out-of-town lies Schloss Ambras, one of Austria’s best preserved renaissance castles with frescoes of Tyrolean aristocracy.

  • Golden Roof

    2,657 copper tiles line the roof of this famous building. The roof shines brightly in daylight and can be sighted from afar off. When you get a closer look, you would definitely marvel at the architectural prowess of the builders. The building was erected about 500 years ago for Emperor Maximilian the First. This location is now open to being visited by tourists who also get to hear about the vibrant history of this site.

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  • Ambras Castle

    Ambras Castle is one of the structures that make up a strong part of Austria's history. This castle was built by Archduke Ferdinand II over 500,000 years ago and has been home to a number of invaluable art pieces and artifacts since then. Ambras Castle can still be found standing and it features a reconstruction of the Archduke's Gallery of Wonders (Wunderkammer), the Hall of Anquities and the notable Gallery of Arts.

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  • Bergisel Ski Jump

    The Bergisel Ski Jump is not only visited by tourists but also sports people, especially those that ski. This location has more than 400 steps where those that ski can display their skills without disturbance. Asides from this, the observation point on top of this site gives you a great view of Innsbruck's landscape. 

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  • Swarovski Crystal Worlds

    The place is called Swarovski Crystal Worlds for a reason, and rightly so. If you decide to take a tour of the place, get ready to have your mind blown. The Crystal Worlds are literally crystal worlds. You get to see the famous crystal clouds which consist of about 800,000 mounted crystals. Similarly, a visit to the "Chamber of Wonders" will leave you awestruck and the "garden of the Giant" has beautiful artworks that are breathtakingly beautiful.

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  • Alpine Zoo

    This place serves as a nice relaxation spot for families and friends. Here, you would find animals that are really rare because the Alpine Zoo mainly features animals that can only be found in the alp region. Apart from animal watching, there are a number of other interesting activities that you can engage in as well.

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  • Paragliding

    This is only for the brave. Enjoy the thrill of floating in the air at this paragliding spot while taking in the beautiful view of Innsbruck. There are always guides that are ready to assist newbies to paraglide. A view of the entire landscape while floating in the air is one you definitely wouldn't forget.

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