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Things to do in Salzkammergut - Austria

Beginning just beyond the eastern suburbs of Salzburg, the Salzkammergut is Austria’s dramatic region of isolated alpine lakes and towering peaks. While the region achieved fame as the location for the hit musical The Sound of Music, the Salzkammergut is also where Austrians go to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Despite it being the country’s wondrous natural playground, the Salzkammergut remains remarkably unspoiled. In the peak summer months even Mondsee and Wolfgangsee, the region’s most popular lakes, remain quiet enough for visitors to find their own hidden gems while the picture-perfect lakeside town of Hallstatt has a charming yet peaceful bustle about its cobbled streets and medieval churches.

  • Dachstein Caves

    Dachstein has quite a number of caves that often attract a good number of tourists. But of them all, one of the most populars is the Dachstein ice cave. The sound of music is the first thing you hear before you even get a good look at the interior. The ever rising and falling natural ice formations in the cave are always bathed in colored lights, making them a dreamy and captivating sight to behold.

  • Sound of Music Tour

    Do you remember the famous blockbuster movie, "Sound of Music"? The movie was shot in this part of Austria. You can take a tour around the original shooting sites that were featured in the movie while you hear the popular soundtracks that you love. You would definitely be bombarded with euphoric feelings at this location.

    Sound of Music Tour

  • Canyoning Trip

    Another exciting activity that this part of Austria has to offer you is the exhilarating canyoning trip. Your courage would be put to a test here as you would first be made to do small jumps before you can do the bigger jumps. There would be coaches all around to guide you through the basics so don't need to worry. When you are not jumping, you can take a tour around the place and soak in the beautiful view of this site.

    Canyoning Trip from Salzburg

  • Salt Mines

    The interesting places that are worth being a tourist attraction are not only above ground. A visit to the salt mines where miners are busy working offers you an opportunity to get first hand a view of what goes on here. Outside the mines are beautiful lakes that make nice relaxation spots for individuals, families, and lovers. Literally, on top of everything are the mountains where you get to see beautiful sights from the viewpoint of the mountain tops.

    Salt Mine, Lakes, and Mountain Tour

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