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Things to do in Wachau - Austria

Austria’s answer to the grandeur of France’s Loire Valley, Wachau is a stretch of the Danube Valley packed with atmospheric wine producing villages, medieval fortifications and charming Habsburg-era towns at every turn. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its heady blend of natural and cultural beauty, Wachau stretches from the picturesque riverside town of Krems an der Donau to Melk, whose hilltop Benedictine abbey is one of Austria’s most iconic attractions. Beyond these draws, the Wachau has evocative ruined castles capping riverside cliffs and rolling vineyards producing Austria’s finest wines.

  • Schloss Schönbühel

    Sitting high atop the cliff is the Schönbühel castle. This castle has had a history of being rebuilt repeatedly and being inhabited by different owners since it was first built. Today, the castle looks the central Wachau market and one can get a nice view of Wachau from the castle.

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  • Burgruine Dürnstein

    The Burgruine Dürnstein is a castle in ruins yet it still attracts a good number of tourists all year round. Tours to this location are most often complemented with a visit to interesting locations around the ruined castle. To get to the castle, you would have to take a short hike up the cliff where the ruined castle stands.

  • River Cruises

    Enjoy a nice river cruise in Wachau where there are exciting activities both onboard the ship and off the ship. While onboard, get a taste of the delicacies available as the river leads you around the Schönbühel Palace, Melk Abbey, and Dürnstein, the town that has a blue church tower. The view from the river is guaranteed to leave you awestruck and wanting to see more.

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  • Wine Tasting

    There is something the locals here are known for, and it is their skill in wine making. They have their unique way of making their wine which leaves you wanting more after the first glass. Tourists often go on tours to this site not only to taste the wines but also to learn about the processes involved in the wine making.

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