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Things to do in Dhaka - Bangladesh

The city of Dhaka is anything but calm, its beauty comes from its ever vibrant and bustling streets. It's bubbling energy intertwined with a touch of chaos is there for everyone to see.

Dhaka sometimes called “Dacca” is Bangladesh capital and largest city, home to about 18 million people, it is one of Asia’s most densely populated cities. Tourism in Dhaka is a norm, with its ever welcoming locals and seemingly infinite attractions, every visitor is in for an unforgettable experience.

  • Dhakeshwari National Temple

    The 12th century temple is one of the most sacred places in the city of Dhaka, the Dhakeshwari which means “Goddess of Dhaka” is said to have been built by Ballal Sen the then King of the Sena dynasty and still stands as the largest Hindu temple in Bangladesh. It has undergone many repairs and renovations which has put a considerable change on its core architectural work, most recently during the Bangladesh War in 1971. The best time to visit the Dhakeshwari National Temple is during one of cultural programs most especially the “Durga Puja” the most important celebration in the Bengali Hindu calendar.

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  • Lalbagh Fort

    Just before the Buriganga River is the Lalbagh Fort, it is an uncompleted 17th century structure that has much historical relevance attached to it. The Lalbagh fort construction was led by then Emperor Subahdar Mohammad Azam Shah in 1678, it is a combination of three buildings (the mosque, the Diwan-i-Aam and the tomb of Bibi Para) and some underground tunnels. Most of its attractions are inaccessible except for the Di-wan-Aam which has a museum displaying some artifacts and a disused old Hammamkhana (Bath House).

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  • Shaheed Minar

    Located at the University of Dhaka, the Shaheed Minar is a national monument established to commemorate the victims of the Bengali Language Movement demonstrations in 1952. The monument has been built and rebuilt a few times, the first one was demolished by the Pakistani Police and Army just days after it was inaugurated. The current monument was built using design of known architect Hamidur Rahman, it stands at a height of 46 ft (14.02 m).

  • Bangladesh National Zoo

    Perhaps the most visited of all Dhaka’s attractions, the zoo attracts over 3 million visitors yearly. Formerly Known as the Dhaka Zoo, it was established in 1974 and it is known as the largest zoo in Bangladesh covering an area of 186 acres. The zoo consists of over 2,150 animals from 134 species such as cheetahs, monkeys and baboons. Other activities at the zoo include elephant-back and horse-back rides and fishing as well.

  • Bangladesh National Museum

    The National museum of Bangladesh was set up for the preservation and conservation of the country’s history. The museum has been existing as far back as march 1913 under the name Dhaka Museum. Divided into several floors themed to represent different times in Bangladesh’s history, some of it exhibits include maps, statues and historic relics. A must for anyone seeking to know more about the history of Bangladesh.

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