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Things to do in Thimphu - Bhutan

Thimphu is the capital, economic and cultural center of Bhutan. Declared as the new capital of the nation in 1961 by 3rd Druk Hyalpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, the city is located along the western central part of Bhutan.

The city which began as a group of scattered settlements has gradually made it to one of South Asia’s best cities and it is presently a rising force in terms of tourism; with more and more people now interested in seeing Thimphu than ever before.

Thimphu is known for its countless beautiful monasteries, well-designed buildings, its many Buddha statues and great hospitality.

  • Tashichho Dzong

    One thing you would see a lot during your visit to Thimphu are monasteries, they come in different shapes and sizes and are scattered all around Thimphu. One of such monasteries and perhaps the most important is the Tashichho Dzong, it is located on the western bank of the Wang Chu in the northern part of Thimphu. Also known as the Thimphu Dzong it was built by the first Dharma Raja and it is the official residence of the Druk Desi, who is the head of Bhutan’s civil government. The Tashichho Dzong consists of thirty temples, shrines and chapels.

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  • National Memorial Chorten

    Hard to miss, the National Memorial of Chorten is popularly referred to as “the most visible religious landmark in Bhutan”. Located on the Doeboom Lam, the whitewashed stupa was built in 1974 honoring Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the third Druk Gyalpo of the kingdom of Bhutan. Unlike most stupa there are no human remains inside it, it only has the picture of the Druk Gyalpo in a ceremonial dress. The best time to visit is early in the morning, where you will see both the young and the old carrying out their religious rites.

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  • Royal Textile Academy

    The Royal textile academy was established to preserve “the living art of weaving” in Bhutan, which has as always been at the bedrock of the country’s culture. The most important part of the Royal Textile Academy is undoubtedly the museum; it features textile works from ancient times to modern Bhutan. Separated into various floors, the upper floor focuses on mainly on all factors that contributes to the making of the traditional textile, while the ground features the royal attires worn by the fourth king of Bhutan and several other artifacts.

  • Jungshi Paper Factory

    Established by the Bhutanese government the Jungshi Paper Factory specializes in the production of handmade paper using traditional methods passed down for centuries. The factory uses two indigenous trees species (Daphne and Dhekap trees) to manufacture this paper. While touring round the factory, visitors can observe its production stages and even try making one for themselves as a souvenir.

  • Buddha Dordenma Statue

    Built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, Bhutan fourth king. The Great Buddha Dordenama as its known as a giant 54 meters gilded bronze statue, situated at the ruins of Kuensel Phodrang. It also houses over 120,000 smaller Buddha statues.

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