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Things to do in Angra dos Reis - Brazil

Sandwiched between Brazil’s two largest cities, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, on the lush Costa Verde, Angra dos Reis is one of Brazil’s most dazzling landscapes. Comprised of over 360 islands ringed with golden sand beaches, this vast Atlantic bay is the perfect getaway from the metropolitan buzz of the nearby big cities. While the bay’s main town, also called Angra dos Reis, is peppered with Portuguese colonial architecture, the region’s main draw is its rainforest-clad islands, which can be reached via boat or schooner rides. What is more, the largest island, Ilha Grande, is crisscrossed with rainforest trails and studded with picture perfect fishing villages that offer an enchanting escape from the mainland.

  • Ilha Grande

    Ilha Grande is best described by just how beautiful it is. It is an island in Rio de Janeiro and has its land area being covered by Atlantic forest, surrounded by beaches and with a crisscross of winding trails. Ilha Grande is well-known for its amazing landscape, lush vegetation, unpolluted beaches and awesome beauty. Basically, it is about the only feature on the island that attracts visitors and is therefore pretty secluded.

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  • Parque Nacional da Serra da Bocaina

    Serra da Bocaina National Park is home to Jaguars and spider monkeys and has varied landscapes that range from coastal beaches around Paraty to mountains inland. It is a huge area of protected Atlantic rainforest that covers both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Some other attractions that you would see on your tour include the rocky summit of Pick do Tira Chapéu and the famous Mambucaba Path that is known for taking in a number of waterfalls.

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  • Beaches

    The beaches of Angra dos Reis are well-known by divers and is one sight that no tourist ever wants to miss. In the crystalline waters of these beaches reside fish with exquisite beauty and a very vast and rich marine life of various sizes and colors. A tour of the beaches exposes other fish species including crustaceans and turtles.

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