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Things to do in Praia - Cape Verde

Praia is the capital city of Cape Verde; it is located along the coast of West Africa. The name Praia means “beach” in Portuguese. Tourism is very important in Cape Verde, it is in fact the most important industry of the country because it generates the highest income. The city is known to have started in 1615, and have seen a fast growth since gaining independent of Portugal in 1975. If you are searching for a warm, serene and pleasant location, then Praia, Cape Verde is the place to be.

Known as one of the top places tourist chose due to the fact that is not as expensive as other West African Cities; it is really suitable location if you are on a budget. Tourists can start off their tour by visiting the Antiga Câmara Muncipal, Praça Alexandre Albuquerque before moving on to the Museum Ethnográfico and other locations.

  • Praia Town Hall

    Also known as Antiga Câmara Muncipal by locals. It is one of the monumental buildings in Cape Verde, design with great style (with a trademark square central tower). A real architectural masterpiece, visitors are encouraged to visit the Town Hall building and get brief insights on the history of Praia and its people.

  • Praia Cathedral

    It was built in 1533 under the pastoral supervision of Arlindo Gomes Furtado Cardinal. Located at the east side of Praca Alexandre Albuquerque. It has a neoclassical style; in the evenings you can hear the bell being rung which is located at the rear of the church. The Cathedral is very hard to miss when going round the city.

  • Museums

    The history of Praia is never forgotten in minds of the locals, and they are always willing to share their rich heritage with locals as well; if you want to learn about the history and culture of Cape Verdeans then visiting some museum in the city is definitely the best idea. One of the museums to visit include Museum Ethnográfico, a magnificent display of the art and culture of the Cape Verdean People.

  • Restaurants

    One thing you would often find in Praia are restaurants, so it is advisable if you are going to have a long stay to visit as many as possible. This is important because not only does this give you an opportunity to taste the different delicacies Cape Verde has to offer but also give you a chance to meet and socialize with locals which would make your visit a memorable one.

    Visit the Sovaco de Cobra, which is the most popular among locals, or the Café Cachito one of the oldest in town or cybercafé Sofia if you feel like watching a game of chess while you enjoy your meal.

  • Carnivals

    There are often similarities between Cape Verde and Brazil the South American nation, maybe is due to the fact that they share same colonial country. In Cape Verde the party spirit is very strong and of course when it comes to Carnivals they are top-notch. From great display of costumes, music and dance. It is a spectacle to behold.

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