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Things to do in Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

Nestled in the interior mountains of the Balkan Peninsula, the eight kilometer string of azure blue lakes and lush waterfalls that comprise Plitvice Lakes are rightly one of Croatia’s star attractions. The unique landscape of Plitvice Lakes was formed by cascading mineral rich waters depositing limestone tufa in an array of weird and wonderful shapes, which over the course of several thousand years have formed a series of aquatic terraces. Today the lakes are home to a treasure trove of wildlife, including watersnakes, bears and wolves, and can be explored via natural trails, vintage cruise boats and on boardwalks over the turquoise waters. In a country as arid as Croatia, the subtropical wonderland of Plitvice Lakes makes a startling and refreshing change from the lunar landscape of the Dalmatian Coast.

  • Circular Tour

    To get the most of your visit to Plitvice Lakes, make sure to embark on a guided tour of the park’s iconic circular route. Encompassing the area’s most diverse and spectacular landscapes, including the lake’s main waterfalls and breathtakingly clear lakes, the circular route takes visitors through this natural wonderland via walking, panoramic train and electric boats across Kozjak Lake. All in all, a tour of the circular route is one of Croatia’s most unforgettable experiences.

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  • Licka Kuca

    North of the main lakes in Plitvice lies the restaurant-cum-cultural center of Licka Kuca where visitors to the park can experience traditional Northern Dalmatian hospitality. With a mouth-watering selection of regional dishes, including roasted lamb, poached fish and cured meats, the rustic mountain lodge lets you immerse yourself in Croatian culture.

  • Rastoke

    A popular day tour from the lodges of Plitvice is the picture-perfect village of Rastoke, which has scarcely changed in hundreds of years. Known for its historic watermills, most of which were built in the 17th and 18th centuries, the village is one of Croatia’s most well-preserved.

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