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Things to do in Malabo - Equatorial Guinea

Welcome to the official capital of Equatorial Guinea, the nation’s economic and commercial center. The city of Malabo founded by the British in 1827 became the country’s capital in 1969 replacing Bata.

Located on the northern coast of Bioko Island, the Spanish-speaking country is not much of a “big deal” on the tourism scene but still a decent place to experience all that a typical Central African nation offers - its colonial style buildings, lovely tropical climate, wildlife and beautiful culture.

  • Catedral de Santa Isabel

    Like a rose in the middle of the desert, the Catedral de Santa Isabel beauty stands out effortlessly in relation to the rest of the city. Built in 1916, the Gothic Revival styled cathedral was designed by Llairado Luis Segarra and Antonio Gaudi - the building has two 40 m high towers with three naves. It is the religious center for most of the citizens of Malabo and it is usually packed on service days.

  • Nuevo Estadio de Malabo

    If you are a sport lover head over to the Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, the home of sports in the city. Built in 2007, the 15,250 capacity structure is a multi-purpose stadium but it is mainly used for football. It was one of the host stadiums for the 2012 African cup of Nations and the venue for the Women’s African Football Cup Final in 2008. The best day to catch a game is on weekends.

  • Moka Wildlife Center

    Get away from the hustle and bustle of Malabo with a visit to Moka Wildlife Center. Established in 1998 the field station/Eco-tourist lodge is involved in research, conservation and education of wildlife. It has both flora and fauna with its trees marked with boards giving extra information on its traditional use and benefits. Asides wildlife watching, it also offers hiking trails for visitors.

  • Malabo International Hip Hop Festival

    One of the most popular events that occurs in Malabo, the annual event usually comes up from late November to early December featuring stars from different parts of the world including local artists as well. The festival also has a bit of educational aspect with several workshops opened to newcomers in the Music Industry.

  • Moca Valley

    For lovers of outdoors, Moka Valley is a dream destination. Home to the people of the Buki tribe - the rugged highlands appear daunting at first sight and might even overwhelm the most adventurous of persons. The best way to see all what the Moca Valley, still remains by hiking – while enjoying its beautiful flora presence. Its popular attractions include the Lake Loreta, Lake Biao and the ever impressive Cascades of Moca.

  • La Casa Verde

    Asides the Cathedral de Santa Isabel, this is the most famous building in Malabo. Built in the mid-1800, it is located at the center of the city. Popularly called the Green House the building recently underwent some restorations and now it is one of Malabo’s main business centers.

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