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Things to do in Libreville - Gabon

Gabon is a beautiful country with diverse landscape, great beaches, lovely culture and abundant natural resources. Its capital Libreville is the largest city in the country with a population of almost a million people. When compared to the capital city of neighboring countries Libreville is costly but you are certain to get good value for your money.

The attractions in Libreville include the fascinating Presidential palace, the outdoor paradise Akanda National Park, Point Denis and the mesmerizing Kongou Falls.

The French speaking city is very hospitable and it is a city that should be on the itinerary of anybody touring African countries.

  • Akanda National Park

    There are no shortages of National parks in Gabon, the Akanda National Park is one of thirteen national parks set up by President Omar Bongo in 2002. The national parks were established to show the biodiversity of Gabon and to promote tourism.

    Located in the northeast of Libreville the park covers an area of 540 square kilometers and it is home to a large population of animals. What makes this national park special is the fact that it is also rich in marine life, so visitors can go whale and dolphin watching.

  • Point Denis

    If you are searching for solitude or a break away from the city lifestyle, then visiting Point Denis will be highly beneficial. The beach which is side by side with the Pongara National park is just a 30-minute boat trip away from Libreville. It is a good spot to engage in swimming, sun bathing and water sports. Around the Point Denis there are various restaurants, boutiques and hotels tourists can explore.

  • Kongou Falls

    Located inside the Ivindo National Park in eastern Gabon is the breath-taking Kongou Falls often called Gabon’s Niagara Falls. The falls are about 56 m tall and 3.2 kilometers wide, it gets its source from the Ivindo River which also has about three more waterfalls attached to it (namely Mibgouli, Kuete-Mango and Tsengue Leledi). Kongou falls is known to be the most beautiful waterfall in Central Africa and is one of the strongest flowing waterfalls in the world.

  • St Michael’s Cathedral

    St. Michael’s Cathedral is recognized as the most sacred place in the city, it is a phenomenal work of architecture that draws comparison to European style churches. Situated in the N’Kembo neighborhood, away from the commercial part of town, it has the capacity to accommodate 3000 people. The Cathedral is famous for its 31 carved wooden columns each depicting a scene from Christian and African Legends, the columns are said to have been carved out by a blind man.

  • Presidential Palace

    Built in the 1970s under former President Omar Bongo, who ruled the nation for almost 42 years, the longest in any country that does not have a monarchy. The building is an architectural masterpiece and is rumored to have cost almost $250 million dollars, visitors are not allowed inside the building and can only view the Presidential Palace from outside.

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