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Things to do in Tbilisi - Georgia

Located along the Kura River, Tbilisi is the largest city and capital of Georgia, not the US state but a country in Caucasia. The city was founded in 5th century AD and people from different religions, cultures and ethnicity have been living here. If picturesque architecture, delicious food, pristine nature and verdant parks are what you’re after, look no further than Tbilisi. Home to both historic landmarks and modern attractions Tbilisi is a feast for the eyes. Located in the heart of the city, travelers can walk past the old and modern architecture in Old Town in Tbilisi and marvel at the exquisite historical architecture in Rustaveli Avenue, and enjoy delicious food as the avenue brims with restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and historical buildings. The waterfalls in the Botanical Garden and Old Town beckon to the tourists while the Bride of Peace, over the Kura River, draws their attention to its unique design, especially when it glows at night. With Medieval, Beaux Arts, Stalinist and neoclassic architectural gems found throughout the city, this beautiful city is becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world.

  • Old Town

    One of the top tourist destinations in Tbilisi, the Old Town, is in the heart of the city and is an amalgamation of beautiful old and modern architecture and a maze of narrow streets. Narikala Fortress, Kartlis Deda monument, Mount Mtatsminda, Metechi Bridge and two of the oldest churches of the city are all located in the Old Town. The Abanotubani area, which is known for its Sulfur baths, is also worth a visit. 

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  • Bridge of Peace

    Located over the Kura River, the Bridge of peace is a famous tourist attraction in Tbilisi. Made of steel and glass, the bridge has a unique design and has many LED lights which illuminate the bridge at night and make it even more attractive. You can get some amazing views of the city from this bridge and it can be spotted from far away.

  • Botanical Garden

    Located near the Old town, the Botanical Garden in Tbilisi is an ancient beautiful and verdant garden. With more than 4500 types of plants and a waterfall it is a hidden gem of Tbilisi. Whether you are a plant lover or want to enjoy a peaceful moment or swim in the waterfall, the garden has something for everyone.

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  • Expo Georgia

    Located at the center of the city, Expo Georgia, the only convention center in the country, is a gem of soviet era. It has pools, 11 pavilions, a green house and a park. Although its infrastructure was renovated you can still see different fascinating sculptures and bas-reliefs of soviet era, so don’t pass up a visit to Expo Georgia.

  • Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

    If you want to see amazing architecture then look no further than the mammoth Tsminda Sameba Cathedral which was built in 2004. The cathedral has many religious art work on its walls. If you are planning to visit this cathedral then do visit it at night when it looks even more stunning.

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